Transsexual Genocide: Busting Transgender Refugees For having Condoms

The Human Rights Watch reports that US police practices are fueling the HIV epidemic. The thin shield of Latex is all that protects the most vulnerable of our society, refugee transgender sex workers from a death sentence.

Cites hand out millions of condoms and then the cops bust the very people who need them the most, using them as evidence in court people are prostituting themselves. I'm not defending a illegal activity that so often claims the lives of our community, but I will say this.

If the goverment wants transgender people dead they are getting there wish and doing it in a legally and socially acceptable way. AIDS/HIV to a refugee with no option other than sex work is a death warrant.

T House on Line writes
"New York City has pushed aggressively since 1971 for condom use distributing over more than 100 million free condoms, thus turning the NYC condom into a legendary icon with its own slogan, “NYC Condom: Get some!”. As technology has advanced over decades, access to condoms are now at the tip of the finger as now there is even an iPhone application that helps guide users to locate the nearest condom distribution site. Sadly enough, in this same time frame the NYPD has destroyed or confiscated thousands of condoms found in the possession of suspected workers in the sex/escort industry, using condom possession as a weapon to justify arrest.
It seems a little overwhelming as San Fransisco, New York city and Pittsburgh are currently using condoms as evidence so we must act locally taking one brick out of this wall.

There is currently legislation pending in the NY Assembly that would institute policies discontinuing this genocidal practice.

This legislation has repeatedly failed time and again due to lawmakers who delight in knowing they are responsible for murdering our family so they mist be identified for this to stop. We can advocate globally as a community and make A1008 pass this year. Please sign the petition "Tell New York State Legislators: Condoms Aren't a Crime!"

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