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RadFem's declare war on Trans Inclusive Gay Org's And Apparently The US Government

From the hate group Radfems who registered the domain name  to misdirect innocent concerned people to fill them with there brand of anti trans rhetoric.

The infamous lawyer Radfem Cathy Brennan alias 'bugbrennan' known for unrepentantly maliciously outing of a UK trans teen posted on the Radfem hub announcing her newest depraved project called the "Gender Identity Watch".

According to the sites description it  is "a new blog devoted to tracking legislation and case law that attempts to codify “gender identity” into law and to override protections based on sex. Gender Identity Watch monitors organizations that push gender identity and thus engage in the erasure of female reality, including:"

Brennan's list of groups Radfems now oppose and why...

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force: “Transgender people and issues are core to our work at the Task Force.”

Human Rights Campaign: “HRC works to educate the public on issues that transgender people face, from widespread discrimination and hate violence, to the complex process of getting appropriate identity documents, to finding culturally competent healthcare providers, and family and parenting issues, and to advocate for their full inclusion and equality.”

National Center for Lesbian Rights: “NCLR is proud to have been the first LGBT legal organization to launch a Transgender Law Project, which later became an organization in its own right, the Transgender Law Center. Today, we are a national leader in shaping transgender law, and our Legal Director, Shannon Minter, is recognized as a leading architect and visionary of the transgender rights movement.”

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays: “For decades, PFLAG has been proud to be a resource for transgender and gender non-conforming people, their families and friends.”

Gender Identity Watch opposes gender identity as a regressive, woman-hating ideology and those organizations that push this regressive, woman-hating ideology.

Not listed is the administration under President Barrack Obama. Given that Joe Bidden has declared 'transgender the human rights issue of our time' its only time before the Radfems declare war on the USA too.

I have learned two things about Brennan. She is a hateful, vindictive individual and two is to keep a eye on her no matter how distasteful that may be.


An Amazing Interview With Julie Bindel

META magazine's interview with Julie Bindel on July 7th, 2012.

Frankly I am surprised. Of course we differ greatly on some topics such as delaying puberty in adolescents. I also think she played the victim card then went and blew up a whole lot of good will with her description of trans people who called her on her transphobia in 2008 and again in 2011 when she was nominated for all things, the Stonewall Diversity Award...but as she said, those are years past.

Some will say she was simply on her best behaviour during the interview adapting to the changing social norms and I could see a cauldron of anger swirling just below the surface of this woman. But that being said, I would say I am in agreement with Bindle on a number of topics.

We need to take a pluralistic view, accept that others disagree and find common ground.

RadFems monolithic view of men bad, woman good is ridiculous but somehow, just somehow we need to make peace with Radfems. Lord knows I have tried and failed, maybe someone else would be successful.

The only ones who will benefit directly from the Trans Radfem conflict are those who hate us and make no differentiation between cisgender and transsexuals, and believe it or not, some from within our own community who find satisfaction in the fanning the flame of the current conflagration.

Like Julie said, we journalists have the potential to greatly influence social understandings, and the winners are the ones who rise to the top.


RadFem Cathey Brennan, Lawyer, Maliciously OUTS 17 Y.O. Transgender Youth To His High School

Where will this monstrous Brennan stop? She has already vindictively publicised transgender peoples birth names, pictures and contacted employers, but these were grown people.

Now she has outed and attacked a 17 year old girl by emailing her high school! The only evidence of wrong doing she supplied on her post was this, purportedly by the 17 year old on Tumblr::

Brennan has since deleted her post but I have it via Transgender News Yahoo Group

Cathy Brennan on Tmblr "17-year-old Girl Harasses Women Online, Trans Community Silent"

That's it Brennan? She was probably upset like I was when you called me a weirdo.

That hurt you so bad that you called her school? Your action Brennan jeopardises her life she being a young trans girl the most likely of all to commit suicide!!! After all the mean nasty things you have said to me? After all the times you have joyously insulted and misgendered my brothers and sisters? You are not satisfied trying to ruin grown transgender peoples lives you attack children????

Now I have been on Tumblr only for a short period but I can assure the uninformed, Tumblr is a virtual free zone for expression. Everything goes from Advocacy, fascinating articles of all kinds to pornography. Its there in all its glory. That's what Tumblr is for.

Cathy Brennan you potentially jeopardised this youths life to satisfy your hate of all people diverse.

I have resisted in the past contacting your law firm and exposing you as the vile monster you are, but you are really really trying my desire to remain above your contemptuous behaviour. Quit this Brennan or I will.

You are despicable Cathy Brennan. I will tell you that to your stinking face. Use that for your next screen grab.


Radfems Gives All Radicals a Black Eye, Even Me

They, being the people who claim the moniker of RadFem have given all female radicals a black eye, including myself. Its inevitable, since all who do not identify as a "RadFem" (the rest of womanhood), are guilty by association simply because we are females, too.

 I have never been so presumptuous to call myself a 'feminist', because the reality is as a transgender woman, I have different life experiences. This difference incredibly is one of the cornerstones RadFems used for excluding all non cisgender people. They call us "Dickiest" which I presume the ignorant Radfem belives is insulting to trans woman by inferring we are male privileged. But in reality it means something entirely different. Now that's funny.

 But I do call myself a radical. A transgender radical and my agenda is intrinsically intertwined with feminism.

But RadFem's just don't seem to get it. No one is denying them a place to congregate to cast dispersion on a minority, if said minority has a opportunity to represent themselves in the conversation. RadFems do not abide by such conversation because by there creed we do not exist, as females.

I have had many years experience dealing with Cathy Brennan, a outspoken Radfem. At times the augment RadFems offer as validation of there anti trans views are almost comical, but in a tragic way.

Every time a RadFem indulges themselves in hate, we as there fellow woman suffer. All Cisgender woman suffer. That's tragic so in trying to get this across to Cathy Brennan I mentioned her in a tweet about their recent denial of a meeting place by Conway Hall. Brennan replied, tweeting as "Bugbrennan".....(note she always misspells my name to infer maleness, i guess)......

It is ultimately tragic that RadFems will not allow themselves to get past their hateful rhetoric and become at least open minded enough to engage in discourse and thus allow themselves the dignity of returning to a respected position within feminism.

I believe Radfems by virtue of their tenacity will locate a venue without morality that will allow them a stage. Its in their DNA, but is such a waste. Such a misdirection of potentially beneficial feminism.

Tragic. Ultimately tragic.


OuTing The Radfem Agenda: No Peace, Nowhere to Hide

*Update ::The anti trans screed appearing on "gendertrender" was authored by "Gullasmag" and not Cathy Brennan. A honest mistake since the hate from one "Radfem" is often indistinguishable from anothers.  As a example I posted the hatefull pictures that Cathy Brennan sent me in response to this article.
I posted a article on my facebook profile authored by "GallusMag" RadFem 2012 : First Speakers Announced . The article's first few paragraphs appear to be a unattributed cut and past from the Radfem 2012 web page but it quickly descended to a screed easily confused with the recent rants made by another Radfem by the name of Cathy Brennan.

I got various reactions from my friends on my facebook page. Some, cisgender and trans alike, who have had met Brennan expressed there dislike of her tactics. Some uninitiated friends just commented that we should as trans people live and let live. As much as I embrace that philosophy its simply not in our best interest.

Brennan is a chameleon, often posting under various guises always disguising her virulent hatred of gender diversity beginning with her incredible misnamed blog "gendertrander". Brennan's one trademark is to start a conversation by making the other person think she has the best interest at heart, then she will start inserting seemingly innocuous innuendos all degrading and dehumanizing, leading to one point.

Brennan and her ilk believe that transgender people are fake, of no value. They believe all transgender people be they male of females identities, are just facades as all transphobic misogynistic people do. Yes, woman can be misogynists as it is nothing but a expression of hatred and bigotry. Dangerously divisive is there name "radfem' which would lead many to assume the majority of radical feminists have the same beliefs as what you find on the Radfem web page...

OK, so I have established that Brennan and her ilk are transphobic at heart but why shouldn't we just leave them be? I mean they are almost comicaly, endearing in a really creepy sort of way, so why bother? Why elevate Brennan's level of creditability?

This is why. Just when you least expect it they blindside our community with a unprecipitated attacks, like the letter to the UN which was a thinly disguised blitzkrieg  against our gender expression. That is why we can not allow them  peace to formulate there next action without at least making the effort to educate and OUT Brennan and her ilk for what they are!

The truth is Cathey Brennan believes that the expansion of trans rights in public accomidations undermines and threatens the rights of cisgender woman.

Where the hate of the Radfem's vehicle for the transmission of transphobia meets the pavement, a excerpt from their letter to the UN:

We anticipate that GLBT activists will push to enact similar legislation in additional states in upcoming years, including in Maryland and Massachusetts, the states in which the authors of this communication reside. In addition to compromising rational sex-based protections for females, “gender identity” legislation incorporates stereotypical ideas of “what is female” into law.

[…] As lesbians, we are concerned about the impact of this legislation on our community, and our community’s ability to meet free from male influence and involvement. More importantly, as females, we are concerned that in the attempt to provide protections for a few, we will compromise the protections of the many.[xx]

Specifically, the proliferation of legislation designed to protect “gender identity” and “gender expression” undermines legal protections for females vis-à-vis sex segregated spaces, such as female-only clubs, public restrooms, public showers, and other spaces designated as “female only.” Females require sex-segregated facilities for a number of reasons, chief among them the documented frequency of male sexual violence against females and the uniquely female consequence of unwanted impregnation resulting from this relatively common form of violence.[xxi] Public policy, therefore, rationally permits sex segregation in certain settings where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists.

Update 9/21/2012 :: These pictures were sent by Cathey Brennan tweeting as "Bugbrennan" to me in response to this article....

Radfems ET all are simply the worst sort of enemy. They befriend you, gain your confidence and when you least expect it stick the knife in your back. They are chamilions assimilating whatever disguise suits them best at the moment to make the world believe transwoman are in fact nothing more then men. That Trans men are of no value being traitors to there gender.

Hopefully other Radfems attending this gathering in London will become educated and disavow Brennan and excommunicate her like the vast majority of the trans community already has.