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RadFem Cathey Brennan, Lawyer, Maliciously OUTS 17 Y.O. Transgender Youth To His High School

Where will this monstrous Brennan stop? She has already vindictively publicised transgender peoples birth names, pictures and contacted employers, but these were grown people.

Now she has outed and attacked a 17 year old girl by emailing her high school! The only evidence of wrong doing she supplied on her post was this, purportedly by the 17 year old on Tumblr::

Brennan has since deleted her post but I have it via Transgender News Yahoo Group

Cathy Brennan on Tmblr "17-year-old Girl Harasses Women Online, Trans Community Silent"

That's it Brennan? She was probably upset like I was when you called me a weirdo.

That hurt you so bad that you called her school? Your action Brennan jeopardises her life she being a young trans girl the most likely of all to commit suicide!!! After all the mean nasty things you have said to me? After all the times you have joyously insulted and misgendered my brothers and sisters? You are not satisfied trying to ruin grown transgender peoples lives you attack children????

Now I have been on Tumblr only for a short period but I can assure the uninformed, Tumblr is a virtual free zone for expression. Everything goes from Advocacy, fascinating articles of all kinds to pornography. Its there in all its glory. That's what Tumblr is for.

Cathy Brennan you potentially jeopardised this youths life to satisfy your hate of all people diverse.

I have resisted in the past contacting your law firm and exposing you as the vile monster you are, but you are really really trying my desire to remain above your contemptuous behaviour. Quit this Brennan or I will.

You are despicable Cathy Brennan. I will tell you that to your stinking face. Use that for your next screen grab.