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Report "Hot Tranny Mess" to Facebook

I have several daily google alerts that searches the web for different words, one of them being the defamation "Tranny". All the usual suspects showed up today, mechanics seeking help with transmissions, lowlife pornographic human trafficking sites, but this one with the facebook page caught my eye.

This is a screen grab of the google alert:

Following that link I found this on the "About" page:

Without knowing who the page owner is I gave the person the benifit of the doubt and posted a link to the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies article Transgender Girl 10 Years Old Asks 'Don't Let This Kill Anyone Else" about Livvy James, the young transgender lady who reached out to the world trying to stop people from using that defamatory word before someone else died from the effects. That message was deleted moments later without any conversation.

Why not call it "Hot Drag Queen Mess"? Because to misogynistic people men are by default respected and conversely womankind or any representation is not a physical threat, therefore not respected. In fact womamkind are a joke to many gay men and suprisingly other woman as well.

The individual who owns the page couldn't care less if children are dieing for his self gratification.

Angry? Disturbed? A parent of child a child who has tried or god forbid, killed themselves because of the onslaught of defamation in our heartless society?

Take action.

Copy this link and Paste it on the "Hot Tranny Mess" facebook's wall then click the round star icon on the top right and report them to facebook.