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To Be Transgender & A Refugee In the USA

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"Each year, thousands of Mexican nationals immigrate illegally to Los Angeles in search of better opportunities and a better life. They work in the shadows, undocumented, hoping that their efforts will pay off and that someday they will live in the light. For the transgender individuals among them, the shadows are more pervasive and difficult to overcome. Though many are eligible for political asylum, few are aware of it, and as a result many turn to the sex industry—often falling prey to its many dangers—simply to survive."

"Crossing Over is the story of three strong, transgender women who immigrated to the United States to escape a lifetime of sexual and mental abuse, and found that if they wanted a better life, they’d have to fight for it."

"This is a film about a community of strength and support, about women who fight for themselves and each other, and about finding the strength to be true to oneself no matter what the obstacles. The juxtaposition between the proud, colorful moments from the lives that these women have managed to craft for themselves and the quiet moments of darkness that continue to pervade will remind us of what they have undergone to become the women they are today."