Uncensored "Bunchh" The Androgynous Drawing Facebook Banned

There been much said around the web about this drawing by artist Wendy Pini creator of ElfQuest®. Many fans believe "Bunchh" is Androgynous or possibly transitioning male to female and think the censoring by facebook is unfair and uncalled for.

But every article I could find that show Bunchh like the one on lezgetreal had Bunchh's breasts and crotch area obscured. What the heck! Articles about censorship that censor?! So of course I had to find the real deal and post bunchh up in all her/his androgynous grandeur!

ElfQuest® posted this comment by fan Sonny Strait on their facebook wall...
"Wow! My mentor Wendy Pini got censored on Facebook for her picture of Bunchh. The interesting thing to me is I always considered Bunchh a male "in transition" but Wendy left even that to speculation. Bunchh was about as androgynous as you c...an get. So it's a very interesting philosophical quandary set up here. If it's okay to show male nipples, whats the rule on ambiguous ones? In a way facebook decided what even the creator of the series refused to set down...facebook decided Bunchh was female and therefore the bare chest was offensive."

I was one of the major backers of Dominic Scaia a post op female to male who was banned from facebook for showing his chest but this is different in fact... I'm a MTF and Bunchh's chest and mine look quite a bit alike (blush) so in this instance, I guess in our world where woman's breasts are to be hidden facebook has a point but...(so does both Bunchh and I and we both stand proud).

The image that Facebook wouldn't allow! Enjoy beautiful Bunchh as she/he was meant to be enjoyed! You can purchase your own Bunchh poster at cafepress.com

Pussy Riot, Gender Riot, An Act in Solidarity

A few months ago as you probally know a group of feminists in Russia staged the mother of all indiscretions. They took Jesus Christ's stage and asked for freedom for Russia from the developing oppressive dictatorial theocracy led by Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Krill.
Three members have been held in custody since and today, August 1st the third day of their trial for the 'punk prayer'.

Right now as you read this the prospects of a democratically ruled Russia and the freedom for these pussies is being determined in what many consider a mock trial.

More Videos Here

Are they unrepentant? No but they are being mistreated.

On August first the three incarcerated Pussy Rioters have offered an apology stating their objective to the Orthodox Pussy Prayer was not to offend but to educate. So far two of the those inside the cathedral have accepted that apology as a Christian should, but Patriarch Krill and Putin remain silent.

And why should be care? Because the reality is not only are they are fighting for freedom of speech in Russia they are fighting for every woman rights to diversity and self expression. Am I a lowly blogger from cowtown Texas making a stretch in saying we benefit from their sacrifices?

No. before Sting. Before the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Before MP's spoke out, before Amnesty Internationale's call for their release, the lone voices in the wilderness were small time bloggers (in comparison) like me, and Pussy Riot honored me by acknowledging my activism and the premise we are one united, by featuring that planetransgender post on their website.

@FreePussyRiot is a global @TERN for Freedom of Gender Expression. Undeniably the transgender and transsexual agenda is intrinsically intertwined with the cisgender feminist movement and as allies its our duty to support Pussy Riot any way we can.

Talk about this to a friend. Facebook about Pussy Riot. Tweet, blog and write about them in every place you have available!

Freeing Pussy Riot is one more TERN. Trans* Equality Right Now.

Here's how you can Help FREE Pussy Riot