Mormon's victims from supporting Prop 8 ?

By Kelli Busey
Is the Latter Day Saints (LDS) or (Mormons) experiencing a backlash from its misogynistic hypocritical support of Prop 8 or are they the victims of the times?


Source AP Gay marriage fight, `kiss-ins' smack Mormon image

"Church representatives don't discuss public relations strategies or challenges publicly, but at a semiannual conference in April, church President Thomas S. Monson seemed to be clearly feeling a post-Prop. 8 sting."

"In an era of "shifting moral footings," Monson said, "those who attempt to safeguard those footings are often ridiculed, picketed and persecuted."


Like many religions the LDS claim to love the sinner and hate the sin. This is more than don't ask don't tell from a church will allow us membership as long as we do not engage in any same sex relationship. The LDS has proven it believes 'the end justifies the means". The LDS will then misinform, misdirect and attempt to obscure the truths about its participtation in efforts that are clearly in violation of the obtruse laws that so poorly define the church and state.

But unlike many other religions the LDS does not have a clean cut mainstream image that is supported by a worldwide following. The LDS has a history of supporting of child farm camps, tax evasion, polygamy and marriages between fully grown men and minor females.

So now the LDS is feeling the lash-back from pouring millions of dollars into a law that strips the most basic of human dignities, civil marriage from LGBT people. The LDS is experencing the results of a religion that forced it's religious views on the general public. The LDS is feeling the anger not just LGBT people but former members who once would have defended the LDS with unquestioned loyality.

This should be a learning experience for all religions that cross the line of civil rights to impose their religious beliefs. People universally will rebel against oppression. People will leave diocese's en mass. No religion is impervious to this truth.

After all, we are all just human.


Zdefender said...

With a detailed examination of History- and yes, mostly religious history- one finds that every civilization that accepts Homosexuality as a "Norm"- and I will insert the words "civil right"- is destroyed within 100 years.
This "acceptance" that the LGBT community seeks will be at the peril of forgetting that God, who created all, will eventually voice His displeasure with the way we have used our freedoms that he has granted us.
Any fool that can walk outside and look into the night sky with a knowledge that the earth only varies 1/9th of an inch from it's orbit every 18 miles (if it were a 10th of an inch, we'd freeze to death- an 1/8th of an inch we'd burn up) and say that there is no God is just that--- a "fool"-
Having said that, God created us with Gender. Yes, there are genetic abhorrations of this, I know and He, God, will be the judge of that. But this sexual "free for all" where it is being pushed onto our children must be stopped. If not, we will all pay the consequences...

planet trans said...

Zdefender you state " every civilization that accepts Homosexuality as a "Norm"- and I will insert the words "civil right"- is destroyed within 100 years."
This is a unsubstantiated fear mongering lie. This statement is often heard in places where people have been oppressed, under educated, saturated by homophobic untruths such as this. It fires up bigots who often use it to inspire mob violence against LGBT people.