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LDS Church turning away from Gay congregants

A Plea for Reconciliation

Although I am not a member og the LDS I would like to sign the petition for reconciliation. I was deeply affected by the incredible outcry of LDS members who visited my blog in disbelief after prop 8 was passed.

Parents caring for infants from the inner sanctum of the LDS walls, became fear stricken. Bewildered they visited planetransgender in the thousands with hopes of understanding WHY was I publishing Church addresses? WHY were there mobs of angry people just outside their church doors?

In their church sponsored ignorance they cradled their babies fearful of the future and suddenly the walls seemed to tremble. Tragically soon some will hold there children again and cry out in anguish WHY? WHY did my church spurn my child, my life, my hope? My child full of love now lays lifeless and we are destitute without his love.

These losses I mourn from far away and yet today the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints walk further distant, turning their backs, cold and silent as the mountain peaks.

All I can offer today is this tiny voice asking for reconciliation. I ask the LDS to please, step back towards your children, your hope. Today.


Salt Lake Tribune Is LDS Church taking a step back on gay issues

STATISTICS COMPARING UTAH WITH THE U.S. GENERAL POPULATION report says Utah students attempt suicide less than their peers nationally-- 7 percent versus 8 percent.

Now the bad news: The actual rate of suicide in Utah is much higher than the national average.

Of the 15 to 24 year olds who died in 1997, 20 percent killed themselves. That makes suicide the state's second-leading single cause of death behind car accidents.


Salt Lake City Council Stunned by UT Legislators: Human Rights Battle Brewing

By kelli Busey/planetransgender

Salt Lake City human rights struggle pits the privileged, empowered LDS right-wing against the multi denominational and non secular underprivileged, marginalized, economically downtrodden masses.

In the red corner Utah State Senator Chris 'I never seen these facts' Buttars. In the Blue corner Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph 'Human dignity' Becker.

The prize: The center of the religious and moral high ground dominated presently by the LDS right wing, for the accountability and treatment of LGBT people in Utah.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that "For more than a year, Salt Lake City leaders have cataloged cases of discrimination against gay and transgender residents who lost their jobs or their homes -- simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity."

"But if the city passes an anti-discrimination ordinance to outlaw such prejudice, state lawmakers are signaling they may shred it when the Legislature convenes in five months."

"Depending on how they carve out a protected class," House Speaker Dave Clark says, "it creates a concern that is something we would want to look at."

"Sen. Chris Buttars, a vehement gay-rights critic, doubts discrimination against gay and transgender people is a significant problem." And Buttars reiterates his rational for opposing GLBT rights "I've never seen any facts. I see these wild accusations,"

According to channel 5 "Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says he heard Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, may try to reverse any non-discrimination ordinance, which the state does have power to do."

"We hope they will be considerate of us as we certainly want to be considerate of other communities," Becker said. "We have discrimination, and it's documented, and it's not significant."

Audio courtesy of KCPW of interview with Mayor Becker Download this story.

Source: Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission

7.6 » Percentage of Salt Lake City residents who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
3.2 » Percentage of Utah's population that does.
539 » Number of employment-discrimination claims of all types in Utah last year.
105 » Number of housing-discrimination claims of all types in Utah last year.
3 » Number of calls the state received, on average, each month about employment discrimination based on sexual orientation when it voluntarily tracked such data.
58 » Percentage of unemployed in Salt Lake City's disabled population.
31 » Percentage of residents who speak a language other than English at home.

House Speaker Dave Clarke is elected by a "Protected Class" that is fighting to maintain its financial and religious dominance in order to control the press and to issue religious edict's that superimposes it's will over all people regardless if there is proven discrimination. That is the protected class Speaker Dave Clark owes his allegiance to.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City needs to know you STAND with him. He is putting his political career on the line for your life. His "HOT TOPIC" response the week of August 24-30: Salt Lake City Mayor Asks for LGBT Protection Feed Back


Mormon's victims from supporting Prop 8 ?

By Kelli Busey
Is the Latter Day Saints (LDS) or (Mormons) experiencing a backlash from its misogynistic hypocritical support of Prop 8 or are they the victims of the times?


Source AP Gay marriage fight, `kiss-ins' smack Mormon image

"Church representatives don't discuss public relations strategies or challenges publicly, but at a semiannual conference in April, church President Thomas S. Monson seemed to be clearly feeling a post-Prop. 8 sting."

"In an era of "shifting moral footings," Monson said, "those who attempt to safeguard those footings are often ridiculed, picketed and persecuted."


Like many religions the LDS claim to love the sinner and hate the sin. This is more than don't ask don't tell from a church will allow us membership as long as we do not engage in any same sex relationship. The LDS has proven it believes 'the end justifies the means". The LDS will then misinform, misdirect and attempt to obscure the truths about its participtation in efforts that are clearly in violation of the obtruse laws that so poorly define the church and state.

But unlike many other religions the LDS does not have a clean cut mainstream image that is supported by a worldwide following. The LDS has a history of supporting of child farm camps, tax evasion, polygamy and marriages between fully grown men and minor females.

So now the LDS is feeling the lash-back from pouring millions of dollars into a law that strips the most basic of human dignities, civil marriage from LGBT people. The LDS is experencing the results of a religion that forced it's religious views on the general public. The LDS is feeling the anger not just LGBT people but former members who once would have defended the LDS with unquestioned loyality.

This should be a learning experience for all religions that cross the line of civil rights to impose their religious beliefs. People universally will rebel against oppression. People will leave diocese's en mass. No religion is impervious to this truth.

After all, we are all just human.


News From Californian "Mormon-gate."

The reoccurring theme in some of these stories is the facade the LDS maintains of innocence and victimization.

It reminds me of the news reporter who just happened to be in a woman's dressing room just after the passage of gender inclusive local ordinances. A man dressed in woman clothing bursts in, runs the length of the room invading the women's privacy. Reporter screams "Men in Woman's room" and files a report in hopes of substantiating the transphobic hatemongers ridiculous lies. Not long after the truth becomes apparent. Seems she kinda knew that man. Kinda very well as a matter of fact.

That story died down real fast.

Indeed the LDS is being "targeted" now if transparency of it's legal responsibility is "targeting".

And the Mormon Church should feel indignation that anyone should take exception to "we donated 0" statement when the tip of the iceberg is closer to a Quarter MILLION DOLLARS.

Perhaps the recognition is troublesome of being an individually responsible contributor to the first and hopefully last time equal rights were granted and then taken away from a minority in the United States of America.

Pehaps the LDS is worrying that someone might question what role it plays in deciding what constitutes excessive involvement by Church in State affairs. A intentionally vague and unambiguous boundary at best.

May the cloak of deception fall. Follow the link to Californians Against Hate.

Californians Against Hate

By Kelli busey
February 09. 2009