News From Californian "Mormon-gate."

The reoccurring theme in some of these stories is the facade the LDS maintains of innocence and victimization.

It reminds me of the news reporter who just happened to be in a woman's dressing room just after the passage of gender inclusive local ordinances. A man dressed in woman clothing bursts in, runs the length of the room invading the women's privacy. Reporter screams "Men in Woman's room" and files a report in hopes of substantiating the transphobic hatemongers ridiculous lies. Not long after the truth becomes apparent. Seems she kinda knew that man. Kinda very well as a matter of fact.

That story died down real fast.

Indeed the LDS is being "targeted" now if transparency of it's legal responsibility is "targeting".

And the Mormon Church should feel indignation that anyone should take exception to "we donated 0" statement when the tip of the iceberg is closer to a Quarter MILLION DOLLARS.

Perhaps the recognition is troublesome of being an individually responsible contributor to the first and hopefully last time equal rights were granted and then taken away from a minority in the United States of America.

Pehaps the LDS is worrying that someone might question what role it plays in deciding what constitutes excessive involvement by Church in State affairs. A intentionally vague and unambiguous boundary at best.

May the cloak of deception fall. Follow the link to Californians Against Hate.

Californians Against Hate

By Kelli busey
February 09. 2009

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