Massachusetts Transgender Inclusive Bill in Full Swing

According to a Berkshire Eagle article Massachusetts may become the first state in the country to offer its residents full marriage equality and transgender protections under law. The bills lead sponsor Senator Benjamin B. Downing of Pittsfield, believes he has a majority of legislative support established to insure its passage in the 2009 session but success is dependant on the bills co-sponsors steadfast resolve.

As usual there is the regular potty protesters. But as usual this argument "Carries No Water" (pun intended). Criminals are abhorrent of portraying any perceived vulnerability and cross dressing in the act of a felony would put that person in prison for a very long time where pedophiles and deviants are regarded as the lowest of life. As has been proven across the country in areas where gender protective laws are in place this is a more than adequent deterrent.

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Queers United Praise Massachusetts For Moving Towards Transgender Equality

By kelli Busey
February 21, 2009

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