National Freedom to Marry Day Dallas Texas Feb. 12

It's all about love.

Dallas Texas on February 12, 2009 a beautiful bride beaming with joy exits her Jaguar on a warm winter day. Not far her partner waits pride and anticipation flowing like sunshine from her.

The congregation enjoying the light breeze carrying the promise of happiness blessed the ring as Reverend Dr. Daniel Kanter of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas held it in the air for all. Reciting there vows to love and cherish Reverend Kanter pronounced our couple married in the eyes of the lord and blessed by all! Cheering we applauded as they shared a kiss sealing there fidelity. They then went into the county clerks office to ask the state to officially recognize there union.

The Clerk Said No. You see Kim and Rose are woman. While they are legally married in Canada, they are just strangers to the state of Texas.

Rose tearfully explained if her lifes love was on her death bed it would be within the rights of the hospital to deny her entrance to Kim's room.

Kim would not be able to hold the love of her life's hand as she died.

If Rose was to adopt children Kim could not become a legal guardian.

If Kim's child was sick at school Rose would not be allowed to take her home.

They are being denied 130 rights Heterosexual people are allowed by marriage.

As the couple explained it's all about being able to care for your family. It's all about love.

By kelli Busey
Feb. 12, 2009


shrink on the couch said...

America, take a lesson from your friendly neighbor, Canada. Legalize same sex marriage!

planet trans said...

thank you phd