Русский язык Гей Изолировано и преследовал Мировые Стенды Близко Russian Gay's Isolated and persecuted the World Stands By

Source Gay Russia; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people are being forgotten by the very political parties that they had hoped would link them to the free world.

In a country where democratic liberties were tasted for a second like a waft of perfume, it passed threw the senses floating on a breeze that has since turned icy and forbidding.

Moscow Mayor Luzhkov has reiterated it is forbidden to conduct Gay Pride celebrations and members of the Moscow Dumas have stated it is treasonous to even speak (propaganda) of preventing STD or birth control by modern methods.

According to Gay Russia Luzhkoz said,
"He suggested that propaganda of the views of sexual minorities can be one of the factors in the expansion of HIV infection in the city."

Moscow Mayor stressed that “of course, we will be criticized by all democrats in the world but in the each society there are own views on that”.

Yes Mister Mayor you will be criticised and held accountable for the human suffering by all Democratic free societies.

Gay Russia

By kelli Busey
February 17, 2009

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