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Salt Lake City Council Stunned by UT Legislators: Human Rights Battle Brewing

By kelli Busey/planetransgender

Salt Lake City human rights struggle pits the privileged, empowered LDS right-wing against the multi denominational and non secular underprivileged, marginalized, economically downtrodden masses.

In the red corner Utah State Senator Chris 'I never seen these facts' Buttars. In the Blue corner Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph 'Human dignity' Becker.

The prize: The center of the religious and moral high ground dominated presently by the LDS right wing, for the accountability and treatment of LGBT people in Utah.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that "For more than a year, Salt Lake City leaders have cataloged cases of discrimination against gay and transgender residents who lost their jobs or their homes -- simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity."

"But if the city passes an anti-discrimination ordinance to outlaw such prejudice, state lawmakers are signaling they may shred it when the Legislature convenes in five months."

"Depending on how they carve out a protected class," House Speaker Dave Clark says, "it creates a concern that is something we would want to look at."

"Sen. Chris Buttars, a vehement gay-rights critic, doubts discrimination against gay and transgender people is a significant problem." And Buttars reiterates his rational for opposing GLBT rights "I've never seen any facts. I see these wild accusations,"

According to channel 5 "Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says he heard Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, may try to reverse any non-discrimination ordinance, which the state does have power to do."

"We hope they will be considerate of us as we certainly want to be considerate of other communities," Becker said. "We have discrimination, and it's documented, and it's not significant."

Audio courtesy of KCPW of interview with Mayor Becker Download this story.

Source: Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission

7.6 » Percentage of Salt Lake City residents who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
3.2 » Percentage of Utah's population that does.
539 » Number of employment-discrimination claims of all types in Utah last year.
105 » Number of housing-discrimination claims of all types in Utah last year.
3 » Number of calls the state received, on average, each month about employment discrimination based on sexual orientation when it voluntarily tracked such data.
58 » Percentage of unemployed in Salt Lake City's disabled population.
31 » Percentage of residents who speak a language other than English at home.

House Speaker Dave Clarke is elected by a "Protected Class" that is fighting to maintain its financial and religious dominance in order to control the press and to issue religious edict's that superimposes it's will over all people regardless if there is proven discrimination. That is the protected class Speaker Dave Clark owes his allegiance to.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City needs to know you STAND with him. He is putting his political career on the line for your life. His "HOT TOPIC" response the week of August 24-30: Salt Lake City Mayor Asks for LGBT Protection Feed Back


Buttars wrist slapped but status quo is maintained. For Now.... video on side bar to the right>>>> > > > > > >

Utah Legislator Chris Buttars latest tirade against LGBT people cost him the chairmanship of the powerful Senate Judicial Committee. This action was confirmed by the ranking Senate Majority leader Waddoups in a public statement viewed by thousands via live Internet on 2-20-09.

Waddoups stated that the Buttars right to free speech will be honored but he was "freeing" Chris Buttars and the Judaical committee so that they may work without the burden of controversy. Waddoups also said by doing this Buttars would be free to pursue his political objectives in regards to LGBT rights issues.

When Waddoups was questioned whether this was considered punishment he responded it was not. When asked if this Censure of Buttars would preclude him from repeating as he has a history of doing, anti GLBT and racist tirades Waddoups responded "I am very bad at predicting the future". Waddoups like the rest of the politicians questioned did not indicate whether they are in agreement with Buttars regarding LBGT issues.

Waddoups attemped to conclude the meeting amid heated requests he clarify why Buttars was not at least removed from his seat on the Rules Committee if not removed completely from the Utah State Senate.

Buttars wrote in the Utah Senate Blog

"I was disappointed to learn of the Utah State Senate’s Censure on Feb. 20, 2009. However, this action will not discourage me from defending marriage from an increasingly vocal and radical segment of the homosexual community."

Buttars will essentially be free to "kill them all" as LGBT bills have to first come before the Rules Committee before moving on in the Senate.

Evidently we are "radical" because we will no longer accept being traumatized by the likes of Chris Buttars, but in Utah for now, the status quo is maintained.

By Kelli Busey
January 20, 2009


Innocences in the Crossfire Utah Senator ''Chris Buttars Kills them All"

Chris Buttars "Kill Them All" full audio at NG Blog.

Human rights activist worldwide are incensed by Utah Senator Chris Buttars latest tirade extolling from his Senate position his racist transphobic and homophobic victories. Buttars rejoiced in recounting "killing em all" in referring to the "black underbelly Gay and Transgender" human rights legislation in Utah. Thrilling to be once again the focus of worldwide contempt and ostrization..... Buttars answer to people who are not exactly the same as he? Kill hope with imprisonment in a "Mormon Gulag." Thankfully the mormon have been forced to shutdown.

According to wikipedia by Jewish, Muslim and Christian accounts Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities that were destroyed because of cruelty and lack of hospitality. Attributing Sexual orientation or gender identity to this ancient event has been a modern interpretation of key words such as "stranger". In the ancient script about Sodom and Gomorrah the word "homosexuality" is not found.

Buttars, a Mormon legislator from Utah incorrectly attributes the destruction of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to LGBT people. He then says the end of humankind is due to homosexual people. With out concern for humanity or regard for others safety, Buttars joyfully once again has reminded us why the rest of the world despises him. . Buttars is living the reason god will smites evil. Buttars is the devil incarnate. Buttars: Gays 'greatest threat to America'

Innocence in the crossfire.

Buttars shames LDS Church

While it would be easy to beleive Buttars speaks for the entire Mormon Church, this is not the case. After Prop 8 was passed planetransgender was visited hundreds of times daily by Mormon parents. These are people who have been isolated and indoctrinated and intentionally misled by a "Church". People of faith that were incredulous anyone could dislike them in anyway. When thousands of people lined the streets to protest outside the LDS cathedral these parents became afraid and the Mormon church once again left them ignorant, misinformed and defensive in the company of strangers.....Placing Innocents in the crossfire.

By Kelli Busey
February 19, 2009