Dallas to hold candlelight vigil for LGBTQI youth murdered in Tel Aviv center shooting

North Texas stands in unity with Israeli LGBT victims

The Resource Center Dallas, the Reform synagogue Congregation Beth El Binah and the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas will hold a candlelight vigil and memorial August 5 (Wednesday) at 7 p.m. to remember the young Israeli victims of a mass shooting at a community center and pray for the wounded. The safety of LGBT youth is of utmost concern – this could happen at any center anywhere in the world.

On August 1, a masked assailant dressed in black from head to toe opened fire on a gay teen center’s support group meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel, killing two members of the group: 16 year-old Liz Trubeshi, and the support group leader, 26 year-old Nir Katz. At least ten others were wounded. The gunman managed to find the secret location of the support group’s meetings, and many of the kids were not yet out to their parents before the shooting. Thousands in Tel Aviv protested the senseless murders on Sunday, and crowds gathered in other Israeli cities as well.

Several speakers will talk about the need for the safety of LGBT youth. Diane Litke, president of congregation Beth El Binah, will lead Kaddish, the traditional Jewish prayer for the dead, and Mishaberach, a prayer for healing. Congregation Beth El Binah and the Jewish Federation will announce a fund for the needs of the victims, their families and the center. Representatives from Youth First Texas and Resource Center Dallas are also expected to speak. The group will then walk in a candlelight procession from the Center to the corner of Cedar Springs and Throckmorton. Similar vigils have also been held in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.


Resource Center Dallas operates the Nelson-Tebedo Health Resource Center and John Thomas Gay & Lesbian Community Center. Its mission is to serve the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) and North Texas communities by providing: health, HIV, and social services; education and advocacy; and support to GLBT individuals and organizations. Last year, the Center’s programs served over 50,000 people in Dallas and north Texas. August 4, 2009
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A candlelight vigil and memorial for the gay teens murdered and wounded at a gay teen center support group meeting on Saturday in Tel Aviv, Israel.

When: August 5 (Wednesday), 7 p.m.

Where:Google Map Resource Center Dallas, 2701 Reagan St., with candlelight procession to corner of Cedar Springs Rd. and Throckmorton St. Dallas.

Resource Center Dallas

Youth First Texas

Reform synagogue Congregation Beth El Binah

Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

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planet trans said...

Our center at Youth First Dallas remains open as a myself and another adult volunteer remained here while the rest of our leadership and youth went to the vigil at the RCD.
Judith will be reading a message on behalf of us and we were fortunate to to have her read it once for us.
All youth centers worldwide grieve with Israel as we know international borders are meaningless because hatred knows no boundaries left to fester and grow.
If you know of someone who is talking about committing violence against young people be they LGBT or straight, please take the threat serious and tell the police.
To all youth centers on our blue marble, god bless.