Epworth United Methodist Church To Rev. David Weekley: All Means All!

The United Methodist Church is perceived by many as a denomination that discriminates openly against LGBT people.

The Methodists, who have as recently as the 2008 conference reconfirmed its legal right as a religious institution to discriminate, have been challenged in that conscript by a small Oregon church in their affirming love for it's own pastor as he came out as the second openly transgender minister.

Much to Pastor Weekley's amazement his church of 27 years threw it's arms wide open in love and affirmation after learning of his transition. The Epworth Methodist Church's congregation is composed of people who live the incredibly difficult, but richly rewarding reconciling process in their daily lives. The memories of injustices of heart and soul are confronted daily as many faced hysterical persecution becuse of there ethnicity which resulted in 'resettlement' prior to World War Two. Because of that injustice, and what truly lays in the hearts of this congregation, they have long ago transcended bigotry!

What we might learn here could literally save our world.

Please read more about the 'Congregation embraces transgender minister as his secret is revealed' at the Beaverton Valley Times.

MLK’s 1964 address to the Methodist Student Movement

I was called to the 2008 Methodist Conference and attended with Soulforce.

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by Kelli Busey/planetransgender/August 31,2009

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