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Knox County Schools bows to ACLU Suit and allows equal access to LGBT Sites

The July 2008 shooting during a youth performance of a musical inside the Knoxville Unitarian Universal Church has been identified primarily as a politically motivated crime.

But since the gunman, Jim David Adkisson choose a youth musical at a UU church to kill it makes me pause to wonder if he was not motivated as much by a hate of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The ACLU has once again demonstrated its understanding of the root cause of bigotry and misunderstanding by filling a suit with the Knox school system seeking it to allow equal access to web sites that are LGBT.

The ACLU quietly dismissed without prejudice the suit after the Knox school system modified its policy.

The ACLU identified a root cause, brought an unglamorous civil lawsuit, and then in victory became masters of the moment with grace and selflessness.

Knowledge opens doors and peace breaks out. Huge Kudos to the ACLU!

Knoxville ACLU suit dismissed after changes made at schools