Ippadikku गुलाब Rose Transgender Talk Show Host

Ippadikku गुलाब

"For the first time in television history, Indian viewers will get to watch a transgender anchor. 28 year old, Rose, would be hosting a regional talk show 'IPADIKU ROSE' meaning 'Your Rose'."

"It would be a weekend show on the popular channel Star Vijay TV. Rose, at the age of 20 took a firm decision when she realized that she is a woman at heart. Ever since then, she has been keen on working for the upliftment of others like her."


Two Miss India Transgender Pageants in Tamil Nadu

CHENNAI, India. Transgender people in India are among those who have suffered the most. We have been subjugated into sexual slavery and then discarded like trash after those who have developed a fetish for transgender people's lust has been sedated.
In an attempt to raise the spirit of transgender people and to change how the public views us, a non transgender man, Mr. A.J. Hariharan, (pictured left) founder secretary of the Indian
Community Welfare Organisation (ICWO)
is planning Miss India Transgender 'Beauty pageant' to be held in Chennai India.

However well intentioned at that at this time the pageant would focus on physicality and ignore the spirituality and intellectual components that are truly at the core of being transgender. This would clearly do more damage that good, as well intentioned as it may be, by contributing to the misogynistic perception that only the physically "Perfect sexual Woman" is acceptable.

Transgender Activist Kalki Subramaniam, founder of the Sahodari Foundation based in Tamilnadu, India believes that although this may a step it is a miss step and not a step up for transgender people. She has objected to this pageant and is planning a transgender pageant that would focus on the beautiful soul of transgender people.

Please email Mr.A.J.Hariharan. and voice your concerns about the focus of his "Beauty Pageant".

Indian Community Welfare Organisation (ICWO)

Sex-change for Free : Tamil Nadu India