DC Transgender Crime: The Epidemic Permission To Murder

Why has there been so many crimes against transgender people in the capitol of our country? I would like to think it would be among the safest and most enlightened cities, but the opposite is true.

To be transgender in DC is to live in utter fear everyday. That fact is partially our fault. Like it or not, we must first take responsibility for our lives and actions before any substantial reduction in violence will happen.

What that means.

Fight transgender 'equality' bills that exclude public accommodations. Killers view that as permission to murder.

Join with your community to confront hate from within your cities police force.

No illegal drugs.

Watch how late you stay out and especially if you travel on mass transport be careful, please.

Don't pick up guys in bars and bring them home.

Stop prostituting yourself (if you are).

I fully understand how hard it is to reenter the workforce after legal transition. It can take years to reestablish credibility. You might need the support of friends, food banks, community and church before being allowed even to work part time, as was my case. and if all else fails you have a friend in Dallas, know that. email me at kellibusey@yahoo.com and I will do everything I can to help.

latest assault was never considered a hate crime

Yet some DC universities interfere with educating the public.

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