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Drunk DC Cop Kenneth Furr Who Shot At 5 Trans Woman Fined $150

August 2011 Officer Kenneth Furr in a fit of rage jumped onto a car and fired his service revolver five times into it trying to murder the trans women who had just rejected his offer for paid sex.

To the trans community it seemed like a open and shut case of attempted murder but to D.C. Superior Court jury and Judge Russell Canan it was self defense.

The story at the time...

...doesn't fit the crime... According to the Washington Blade Canan sentenced Furr to "five years in prison but suspended all but 14 months of the prison term and credited Furr with the 14 months he already served between the time of his arrest and his trial last October."
"Officer Furr also received three years of supervised probation, a $150 fine, and 100 hours of community service and told to stay away from areas that are known to be populated with trans sex workers." "D.C. police spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump said Furr has been suspended without pay and that the department will follow its standard procedure for dealing with an officer convicted of a felony. Police observers have said a felony conviction, especially one associated with violence, usually results in the firing of a police officer." Read more at the Washington Blade .


Not Guilty Says Kenneth Furr Drunk DC Cop who Shot at Transsexuals

The police officer who was arrested for standing on the hood of a car firing shots at the transgender people inside, has entered a plea of not guilty.

As absurd as this may seem since so many witness have come forward the comments found on that article make sense of this:

"He was drinking, trying to pick up a hooker, he was armed and started shooting. Yep. Not guilty."

... "He's counting on one or more of the following: an inept D.A.'s office messing up their case, his fellow officers "misplacing" evidence, or witness tampering (aka: "bribes"). "

No wonder the DC Trans Coalition accused the DC Police Chief for "Abdicating" Responsibilities.