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Postponed: St Petersburg Legislative Vote on Law To Silence Millions of LGBT people

>>>Update! Gay Russia reports the USA goverment has condemed the proposed legislation. I am so proud!<<<

View the proposed law in English's Here

Gay Russia has a more pragmatic take on the postponement. The article states the second reading was put off until Nov 30th because the legislature couldn't come to a consensus on the fines. Some MP's feel its appropriate to fine 'legal persons' one million rubles or approx US $32,000 penalty for gathering in public places with the intention of "propaganda" advocating for LGBT rights.

Evidently some felt a million Rubles was excessive. After all, that fine would be as obscene as the proposed law is since the medium income in Russia is $7680 effectively making again invisible to the world LGBT Russians since the majority (74%) live in the Moscow St. and Petersburg vicinity. This law would further put at risk millions since Russia proper already has the second highest suicide rate and the countries within its sphere of influence owning 9 of the 10 top spots! This tragic statistic incredulously will be made worst if the draconian legislation is made into law.

Maybe its a combination of factors as Polina believes. Worldwide condemnation. Perhaps a world leader or two have already stepped up to the plate and condemned this proposed atrocious attack on humanity? Maybe disagreeing on the amount the Legislators would find justification in letting the bill die while simultaneously avoiding Putin's wrath?

One thing for certain. This gives us time to martial our forces and respond globally in a unified voice!

Please join the hundreds of thousands who have already signed the petition

Please sign and SHARE the ALL.OUT petition calling on world leaders to take action! Russia: a bill to silence millions