2011 a Tragic TDOR as New Delhi Fire Kills 14 Hospitalizes 40

Today was a tragic day for our family. 40 transgender people died today as they participated at the 2011 New Delhi transgender day of remembrance.

Shortly after the fire occured CNN reported that New Delhi's health minister, A.K. Walia, said an electrical short circuit was believed to have caused the blaze,

One India reported it began in the kitchen. By all accounts our sisters and brothers died a horrifically screaming for help. Our community lost some of our family today. Truly a tragic TDOR and a very sad day. Universally we mourn and offer our condolences.

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Anonymous said...

This is pure tragedy. Most of those we remember at the Day of Remembrance are those lost from murder. Last year a group was beaten by thugs in Kiev during a Day of Remembrance event there. These things are as much outrage as tragic. But here, nobody is to be blamed. Pure tragedy.

I would have been at a Day of Remembrance event with sisters and brothers had I not been taken ill. I lit my candle for the windowsill and prayed.

Now, my heart is heavy again.