Massachusetts Catches Equality Maryland Virus

Transgender activist author Jordan Gwendolyn thinks "its time for a little bit of South Philly straight talk, and this South Philly girl with Jersey provenance is ready to go Jersey on the sellouts".

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"Just when I thought the defeat of HB235 in Maryland sent a message that gender identity should be put on equal footing with race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Massachusetts, AT THE LAST MINUTE, decides to put a non-discrimination bill up for a vote."

"From The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition:"

Over the next 24 hours, it is critical that lawmakers hear from bill supporters!

MassEquality will be phonebanking in support of the bill all day today. And we need volunteers! During phone banks, we talk to constituents and transfer supporters of the bill directly to their lawmakers’ voicemail boxes so they can leave messages in support of the bill. Call Justin at 617.878.2344 to sign up or send him an email!

In the days ahead, you may hear confusing things about this bill. To be clear, this bill provides vital protections in employment, education, housing, credit, and hate crimes which transgender residents of the Commonwealth desperately need. The bill is not perfect as it does not include public accommodations protections, but it is a solid civil rights bill that represents an historic step forward in supporting full civil rights protections for the transgender community.
Gwendolyn continues: "I oppose this bill 1000%. All I want is for every type of discrimination to be illegal, based on gender identity, and for the protections to be coequal, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. I think its time for a little bit of South Philly straight talk, and this South Philly girl with Jersey provenance is ready to go Jersey on the sellouts:" Read why shes so pissed at amplifyyourvoice.org.

Then ask yourself as Monica Roberts has on TransGriot why are "Unjust Trans Rights Bill Advancing In Massachusetts?" Even Queerty is wondering just Why Doesn’t MA’s Trans Rights Bill Protect Trans People From Public Discrimination?

My take on it? A transgender civil rights bill without public accommodations protections doesn't even give us a pot to piss in. Its only worth is the sensationalistic promotional value garnered from its promoter and chief gay.com shill Gunner Scott with whom I have a long history with after I exposed his receiving $25,000 from HRC smack dab in the middle of the HR2015 ENDA crisis.

Like I said then, You don't get money for nothing.

Oh yeah and transphobes and haters because they know a stand alone bill without gay.com's backing for public accommodations doesn't stand a chance of a ice cube in hell.

And of course gay.com who will be thrilled to get the potty problem off their backs now to be considered strictly a 'transgender issue'.

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