The Sad State of Ashley Love's Advocacy

I remember a time not long ago when Ashley Love, Glaad and I joined forces in advocacy that resulted with activists on the ground in NYC, Fort Worth Texas and Seattle Washington that exposed Israel Luna's movie "Ticked off "T" with Knives" for what it was.

The profiteering and of transgender and transsexual murders by a gay man.

You did an amazing job Ashley. Our work contributed to a universal understanding regarding trans defamation. "Tranny" or the "T" word, used cavalierly or for profiteering, is socially unacceptable, the same as the "F" bomb or the "N" word.

Near the end of that effort Ashley and I had forged a very close relationship but that's when she started to change. About that time she attacked me on my facebook page with such obnoxious vitriol about her new transsexual identity issue I didn't just unfriend her, I banned her.

The first time Ashly was truly sorry. The second time I banned her for the same behaviour she was less apologetic but made a strong case for rebuilding our friendship. I decided at that time having Ashley for a friend despite our differences was the right thing to do, so I allowed her back into my heart.

I felt she had tremendous potential as a young trans advocate and I had seen her in action. Charismatic, beautiful, slightly narcissistic in a movie star way.

Ashly threw all that good will away after she again tagged me on another one of her facebook notes regarding the differences between transgender and transsexual peoples. Up to that time I had stayed away from her invitations having read the conversations, but this time I made the mistake of joining in it.

I was repeatedly attacked like a collie by a pack of ravenous rabid wolfs, and Ashley who is very much into controlling her personal spaces, did nothing despite my pleas. Her acquiescence was silent approval.

All because I identify as transgender and because of a simple personal preference not transsexual.

I mourn our community's lose at your departure Ashley. You were a rising star but now with the lose of credibility and most importantly the trust of most people who knew you Ashley, there is little good you can do for our community until you stop acting like we are all your enemy.

People who identify in the most conventional sense as transgender have more in common with the most radical WBT or transsexual identifying person than differences.
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Its all about the potential of dichotomy. It can build understanding or it can tear apart friendship and communities.

But Ashley I won't sit silently any longer on the sidelines as you make outrageous contentions, muddying the understanding of who we are by the cis world. That is why I am posting this. I am reaching out to you Ashley, not as the transgender Borg you believe me to represent (despite some obvious similarities lol), but as a friend.

You are is a woman born with chromosomal and anatomy diversity (which transpired into a medical condition).

I am totally cool with that!

I am a transgender woman who believes every gender gifted person under our umbrella has a home here, who wants it. Including you.


Ash said...

hey, does anybody know if Ashley Love is okay? Her family and friends haven't heard from her in months. Her phone is disconnected and she has been missing from internet spaces. If you knew Ashley, you would know that that's quite unlike her. It's been a dark year and I know that life gets in the way sometimes. I hope she's okay

Unknown said...

Ashley Love is my biological sister and she's is still currently missing and this is very unlike her. Our brother Jamie notified me she was missing and I've been trying to get information and some information I've received from a close friend of hers was disturbingly uncomfortable. I'm very worried if anyone has any information please get into contact with me. You can message me via email mavericksmommy2011@gmail.com thank you and please send prayers she's okay and alive.