Federal Judge Rules In Defense of MN Transgender Marriage

"It really blindsided us," Christina Radtke said. "We've been called liars. I've been called a man and not a woman. It's just crazy."

Christine contacted me on Facebook and asked that I share this victory because it's "such good news for our community". Her heartwarming request reflects her selflessness and love for our community.

Christine's case resulted in the Judge admonishing a health plan administrator for the United Parcel Service making it clear, in Minnesota transgender marriage is not a same sex marriage. Christina, is a post op transgender woman who has amended her legal documents to reflect her correct gender and because of that, according to the judge, she is a woman. Period.

And the marriage between her and her cisgender male husband? Again the judge admonished the administrator, saying it is a marriage between man and woman. Period.

When the United Parcel Service plan administrator counter sued alleging Radtke was not a real woman and fraudulently claimed benefits, the judge had enough and summarily ruled in favor of Christina and her husband.

Its rare we can claim a victory. Thanks to husband and wife, Christine and Calvin Radtke, we have this one to celebrate.

You can read the rest of the story at the Star Tribune.

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