Paddy Power? Powerless To Transmit Transphobia Says Irish Authority

Its been a while since the British authorities banned the vile Paddy Power "Ladies Day" advert in which racing fans and inadvertently the world's population was invited to split from the pack the Stallions or transgender people, and Mares or cisgender females.

the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland has ruled "The advertisement should not be broadcast again."

The Transgender Network of Ireland press release:

"This is great news for the transgender communities in Ireland, the UK and America," said TENI Director Broden Giambrone. "Trans voices and their allies were heard: transphobia is not funny, and it's not acceptable. On behalf of TENI, we'd like to thank all those who supported and campaigned with us to have this ad removed."

As the founder of the The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies I will add that we applaud this decision. The advert invited not only horse racing fans but the world's people to focus on the physical differences between cisgender people and transsexuals. This would have led to increased ostracization , discrimination and violence directed at transgender people.

The reasons Paddy Power used to argue its campaign should be allowed to continue only serve to illustrate its intentions, to propagate transphobia.
This will set the bar higher for commercial enterprises wishing to stereotype and commercialize transgender peoples in a demoralizing way, worldwide.

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