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McDonalds Attack Again: Employee Assaults Transgender Woman

Last year Chrissy Polis was beaten nearly to death while an employee laughed and filmed it. McDonald's corporation ignored a 150,000 people who signed a petition requesting that Corporate instigate a company wide transgender education awareness program for their employees.

Just recently another transgender person suffered at a McDonald's restaurant. Ranae Cole Vogelsong wasn't physically attacked, but was repeatedly humiliated, intentionally by one of the owners employees, in front of other patrons while in line. Words hurt, they can even kill. The pain Ranae suffer at this McDonald's was inflicted maliciously, the employee assaulting her in such a way as to leave a permanent scar on her soul, which is the same intention as the people who attacked Chrissy.

Ranae Cole Vogelsong writes about the incident at the McDonald's located inside the Love's Gas Station Marion IN on February 29

"Myself being a transgender person living 24/7 as myself, I was inline at the register to place my order as the young lady behind the counter looked up and with out holding anything back busted out laughing at my face with another costumer standing next to me. Totally embarrassed as she tried to control herself I placed my order. She is still letting out little smirks. I filled my iced tea cup came back to the counter and got my food went to leave and as I rounded the corner of the archway she again started to laugh loudly."

"I felt degraded, embarrassed, disrespected and very humiliated. Went out to my semi truck and cried from the utter dis-respect and the making me feel so belittled in front of other fellow drivers and the public.
Despite numerous attempts the owner has not offered Ranae the one thing that would help her to recover, an apology. That's, all a simple "I'm sorry you were made to feel bad."

Ranae was again disrespected as the owner told her not to "Make a mountain out of a molehill".

This incident is the result of corporate McDonald's refusal to take social responsibility and leaves us with only one avenue to respond. We need to address each and every one of these incidents individually with force, making it clear to the owners, if their employees should disrespect or assault our community there will be consequences. Other McDonald's owners will take note of our outrage and seek to avoid such incidents.

***Update*** The owner of the McDonald's store, Rick Reichenbach returned my call. Mr. Reichenbach offered a much different accounting of the events proceeding the incident, but did not deny it happened. However, unfortunately Mr. Reichenbach declined to go on record or to offer a statement. That is too bad because if what Mr. Reichenbach offered was in fact the truth it would put this incident in a different light and I would be obligated as a blogger of integrity to relay it accurately to you.

But it begs the question, why did Mr. Reichendach call me, a blogger, columnist and activist to discuss this if his intention was not to go on record?

Check out Boycott Non-Transgender friendly McDonald's in Marion, Ind

And please contact the office and owner of the McDonald's, Rick & Rhonda Reichenbach dba:

M-R Partnership
618 North Meridian Street
Portland, IN 47371
(260) 726-6518

McDonald's Corporation:

7 days a week
7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST