CT. DCF says they will move Trans teen Jane Doe from solitary next week

Jane Doe the Latino transgender child literally thrown away by the Connecticut department of Child and Family services (DCF) may be finally moved from solitary.

Jane has never committed a crime or been convicted of anything that would require her to be imprisoned in solitary. DCF entrusted with her care since age 5 have repeatedly raped and beat her, and when she acted out disregarded her transgender status trying to jail her with men.

When that failed, caught in a lie, they imprisoned her in solitary in a woman's high security facility. Solitary for being trans!

The only crime is how DCF has treated her.

NPR reports : A 16-year-old transgender girl who was placed at York women's prison in April will be moved next week.
The Connecticut Department of Children and Families issued a statement on Friday afternoon that said Jane Doe will be transferred early next week to the Pueblo Unit in Middletown while DCF awaits final approval of a proposed placement in Massachusetts.
Pueblo is a locked unit for girls with serious issues who are in DCF custody. It opened in March and is where advocates say Jane Doe should have been placed. DCF Commissioner Joette Katz had long opposed moving Jane Doe to the facility saying it was inappropriate to serve her needs.
In Friday's statement, DCF said the decision reflects the progress she has made over recent months.
Earlier this year, the agency had gone to court asking a judge to approve the teen's transfer saying she was too dangerous for any DCF facility. The 16-year-old has experienced extensive physical and sexual abuse.

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