Memphis Silence of the T

In 2008 our Transgender sister Duanna Johnson, while handcuffed was beaten unmercifully by Memphis police and all people heard was, silence.
The police desperately needed that silence. They knew they were incredibly wrong.

Five years later the city ordinance amendment, spurred by her beating inexplicably at the last moment was introduced without transgender protections.

And for all the world knew, transgender people were never included in the amendment. For all the world knew, transgender people don't exist in Memphis.

For all the world knew had the video of Duanna's beating not emerged inexplicably from police files, no one would have ever heard of Duanna, or her beating.

For all the world knew.

But why would the Transgender Equality Project (TEP), the driving force behind this amendment not mention this to the media immediately following the vote? Why would the City impassioned pro equality council members make no mention of this? Why would there be no mention of this at all in mainstream media?

The TEP has personally assured me and publicly stated they are 100% in favor of trans protections but the reality is they all knew they were wrong, the silence of the T desperately needed for this victory advancing the gay agenda.

I confirmed this by contacting a writer of the most respected and oft quoted media sources covering this issue. No one wrote or spoke of this because they being progressive individuals did not want to jeopardize the chances of the amendment passing with sexual orientation by braking the silence.

Trans people were thrown under the bus and I am not so naive to believe there was no deal maker.

Like the Memphis police years before, the Memphis city council and the Tennessee Equality Project they all need the silence of the T in Memphis.

Our family in Memphis is silent, beaten and murdered.

But we will not be silent in Texas. The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies call on the Memphis City Council to reinstate gender identity and expression into the amendment before the 30 days elapses allocated to determine if the amendment is legal.

For Duanna, for all our sisters and brothers in Memphis who are denied jobs, ultimately forcing our family onto the streets to prostitute ourselves.

But unlike Duanna who was shot dead according to news reports while "working her customary strip", just days before filing a federal lawsuit, there will be no silence of the T in Memphis as long as the Dallas Transgender Advocates have a say.

There will be no silence of the T anywhere.

Please sign the petition Memphis Protect Trans People

Cross posted from The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies

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