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Video: Wayne Besen Takes Down XGay & Anti Trans AFA Front Man

At the 7:06 mark Besen confronts Brown about his use of defamation while demonizing transsexual people. Brown, obviously aware that this would come up backpedaled trying to legitimize his pejorative use of 'tranny' citing Glsen's extremely occasional use the word in respective, and in my opinion misguided attempts to connect with youth.

There's a world of difference between Glsen's research and Browns horrible "poem".

Source: Advocate-
"Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, an organization set on debunking the "ex-gay" myth, took on antigay Dr. Michael Brown, who runs a campaign claiming "God Has A Better Way" than homosexuality. On Friday's edition of The David Pakman Show, a public-access news and political talk show, Besen and Brown accused each other of inciting violence and vitriol against their opponents."

"What [Brown] does is he incites people to violence in my view," said Besen on the program. "Just look at his rhetoric... I think it's this combination of militaristic language and the demonizing of a minority that sparked my view of Dr. Brown."

"I also believe that he comes across here as very nice and kind, but again, it's a fraud," Besen continued, as Brown smiled on the split-screen Skype video conference."


As a follower of Christ and former truck driver who spent many nights in between eastern Texas and Louisiana I will testify to this. The AFA radio network all but owned the airwaves late night in those rural areas and the hateful anti LGBT rhetoric they espouse would have convinced any uniformed individual LGBT people are the devils spawn.

Do not be taken in by Brown's smugness, he like all of the signers of the letter to Fox asking that Besen be censored will only be satisfied if they can silence us, imprison our gender expression, or worse, eradicate us as they are trying to do in Russia and Uganda.