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MTPC Back Tracking To Public Accommodations Protections

I have always opposed transgender 'equality' bills without public accommodation provisions. It's the single most important thing in our daily lives. Without it we are subject to arbitrarly being thrown off a plane, out of a restaurant or bathroom because of our gender expression. It follows that a potential employyer would take that into consideration.

I opposed the bill passed in Massachusetts for that reason. Gunner Scott and I have had some bad blood over  that bill and his accepting HRC's seed money post ENDA years ago. But thats history, HRC is changing.  So it's time to back track to public accommodations in Massachusetts, which of course I fully support.

More power to MTPC in convincing legislators that trans people are now worthy of the most basic of human rights when months ago we were not. The details of the action day can be found at Glaad  or the MTPC webpage.


Jenifer Rene Pool Speaks about HRC, ENDA & Public Accommodations Provisions.

Originally, I supported Houston City Council candidate transgender woman Jenifer Rene Pool unquestionably.

She was recommended by a Gay political activist, a dear friend and ally who I trust implicitly whom now lives in Houston. I spent weeks talking to nearly all the political organizations and activists in Houston each and every one gave Jenifer Pool sterling recommendations. I was So impressed with her I wrote a factual news worthy article exposing a conspiracy to deny Pool an endorsement by the Victory Fund and attempts to divide the LGBT vote by Lesbian Council Member Sue Lovell.

I talked to everyone except Transgender and Transsexual people. It quickly became apparent to me I had made a major mistake. Because Jenifer had come so highly recommended by the Gay and Lesbian community I had not consulted a single Trans person. Nada. Zip. Not one.

So I posted The 64 Dollar Transgender Political Question, Will Jenifer Pool Remain Faithful to us? with a similar note on Facebook asking for feedback.

And feedback I got.

I was one of the transgender community who protested HRC after being betrayed in 2007 over ENDA so I am more than empathic with the anti sentiments expressed on that note by sister and brother advocates. But I am also more than willing to take undue credit for HRC relenting and adding us to their mission statement. Also coming to light in that note is the angst within the Transgender community regarding the history of transgender identified candidates allowing HRC to co-opt the transgender message and taking credit for work we did to for that candidate.

So there is a hesitancy to endorse a transgender candidates. Because in the past they have more often than not hitched their wagons to HRC's money horse after our initial support eventually pitting the transgender community's health, saftey and political future against HRC's powerful agenda. Such was the case just this year in Maryland. We prevailed in that instance despite HRC's Trans token tom's best efforts.

But we transgender people who protested were not the only ones to bring about change during the ENDA upheaval. Not only was my group The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies added as a supporter of United ENDA so also was the Houston GLBT Caucus and hundreds of other TLBGQIA groups.

But the 64 Dollar Question still remained unanswered so I took a cue from sister blogger Monica Roberts who commented "verify, then trust..."

So I called Jenifer again and asked her to talk about this crucial topic. I explained my personal involvement protesting the HRC post 2015 and asked with baited breath if Jenifer understood the anger of the comments on my Facebook note.

Jenifer Pool replied "No I do not" and my heart stopped. I thought oh good god, not again but Jenifer explained "Of course I attended the 2008 Houston Gala, I was on the HRC diversity steering committee at the time doing my best for an inclusive ENDA. In that capacity I facilitated writing a letter to the national leadership but our influence on the national organization was of course limited." Pool goes on to explain "And at the time I was also president of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus and because of my insistence we joined United ENDA.

Now it was time for the 64 Dollar money question.

I asked Jenifer if she would support a transgender "equality" bill without public provisions accommodations. We as a community need to know if she would support one such as HR235 in which HRC assisted Equality Maryland unsuccessfully tried to force on us earlier this year. Jenifer Pool replied "No I would not. A transgender protection bill without public accommodations provisions is not an equality bill at all."

There you have it. The answer to the 64 Dollar Questions.

Never before to my knowledge has there been a transgender politician so forthcoming and accessible. When I called Rene Pool last afternoon once again she was a delight to speak. Her answers are offered without hesitation and clearly she was speaking from her heart.

Never before has a transgender political candidate held views so in line with our community’s best interests. Never before has a transgender candidate had such an opportunity to gain the highest elected position ever held by one of us.

And as it turns out, I am still unquestionably supportive Jenifer Rene Pool. So much so that she can add the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies to her growing list of endorsers. I am that sure of this.

But this is all just an opportunity. We can make this our reality if you give Jenifer Rene Pool half a chance. Will you give her a chance?

Jenifer Rene Pool for City Council at Large Position 2

Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Endorses Jenifer Rene Pool


Catherine Hyde's Daughter Still Living without Public Accommodations Protections

I published a open letter to Catherine Hyde during our fight against Equality Maryland's supported HB 235 . I wish she would have read that letter before making this video. I gather from this video she has not because nether she or her daughter made mention of the importance of public accommodations protections for trans people.

Catherine Hyde was duped by Equality Maryland into testifying for HB 235 encouraging legislators to pass the flawed legislation framed as a 'non discrimination' bill tragically stripped of public accommodations provisions.

I hope she and her daughter will listen to the energized transgender voice emerging from the inner city of Baltimore. These are voices of transgender people who because of there circumstances, un- and underemployed use public transportation even sometimes public restrooms because nothing else is available.

Catherine these people are the ones who have gone where your high school daughter has yet to venture X10. Listen to their voices.


Donna Simone Plamondon Maryland Transgender Woman's HB235 Testimony

Donna Simone Plamondon
Public Hearing on the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bill
Annapolis, Maryland
March 9, 2011

I and many other members of Maryland’s transexual and intersex communities feel slighted and offended by the omission of public accommodations to HB235. We respect the efforts of our allies, our legislators, Equality Maryland, the NGLTF, the NCTE and transgender community, however, the omission of public accommodations shows a lack of understanding of what transexual and intersex means.
TRANSEXUALS and INTERSEX persons always IDENTIFY with the sex opposite their sex assigned at birth and EXPRESS that IDENTITY in a consistent manner every day of their lives. TRANSEXUALS and INTERSEX persons have undergone (or are undergoing) counseling and medical therapies under the supervision of therapists and medical professionals according to the International Standards of Care as recommended by World Professional Association for Transgender Health
TRANSEXUALS and INTERSEX people are recognized as having a medical condition by both the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association as evidenced by their individual resolutions supporting the legal recognition of their IDENTIFIED and EXPRESSED gender. After significant progress in therapy even the Federal Government recognizes the need for gender marker changes on passports and identification. Even the government of IRAN recognizes transexuality as a medical condition and covered by their national health care – and has for over 30 years.

TRANSEXUALS and INTERSEX people have been referred to, both biblically and in history, as members of society under the term “EUNUCH”. (In the words of Jesus Christ himself) - "For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to receive this, let him receive it". (Matthew 19:12)

TRANSEXUALS and INTERSEX persons should be protected by a public accommodation amendment and recognized as to have taken the responsible approach of seeking help from psychiatric and medical professionals to resolve a medical condition. We deserve all the dignity, respect and protections, both civil and legal, to which all citizens are entitled under the laws of the State of Maryland, Title VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the United States of America.

Thank You for Your Attention.

Donna S. Plamondon

Click on the player for the full testimony.

Just a note. You will here it repeated by the proponents of HB235 that other counties, cities and states have "enacted laws identical to HB235". That is a lie. HB235 has been stripped of the ALL IMPORTANT PUBLIC ACCOMMIDATIONS PROVISIONS.

No county, city or state government has enacted a law like this. That is why Maryland transgender people are so upset with this bill.