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Medical Study of Youth Transition Shows only 1% returned to Gender at Birth

Perth Children's Hospital
Perth Children's Hospital / Wiki

A groundbreaking study published by renowned Jama Pediatrics on March 4, 2024, has shown that of 552 medically and socially transitioned children and youth only 1 percent returned to their gender at birth.

Perth Children's Hospital Gender Diversity Service's relative isolation in Western Australia put it in a unique position to look at the patients up to age 18 who were treated and determine their retransition rate. Out of the 995 enrolled patients who between 2014 and 2020, 552 had voluntarily closed their cases and only 1% returned to their gender as assigned at birth. 

The study Reidentification With Birth-Registered Sex in a Western Australian Pediatric Gender Clinic Cohort shows that of 548 individuals with closed referrals, 29 (5.3%) reportedly reidentified with their birth-registered sex before or during assessment. Two of these individuals reidentified during medical treatment, which corresponds to 1.0% of all patients who initiated medical treatment.

Erin Reed (Erin In The Morning) writes "The study contributes to a substantial body of literature indicating low detransition rates. A study of 317 transgender youth in the United States reported similar findings of low detransition or desistance rates, with only 2.5% of transgender youth identifying as cisgender after five years of follow-up. A Dutch study also reported comparably low rates. According to a review of literature by Cornell University, the regret rate for gender-affirming care ranges from 0.3% to 3.8%, depending on the study's methodology. However, this study stands out due to its very large sample size, data spanning six years of transgender care, and and which does not suffer from "loss to follow-up.”


APA overwhelmingly passes policy supporting trans afirming healthcare and condemning transgender healthcare bans


PFLAG Responds to Texas Demand For Information

PFLAG National CEO Brian Bond

PFLAG National CEO Brian Bond said on Instagram that he will not comply with TX AG Ken Paxton's unprecedented, and outrageous demand for information on trans youth in Texas.

ACLU National is suing to stop a request from office of the Texas Attorney General for PFLAG to turn over information about their support of families in Texas seeking gender-affirming medical care for their trans youth.

Breaking An Austin judge issued a temporary injuction blocking Paxton from collecting information about transgender children from PFLAG National

KSAT reports that Travis County District Court Judge Maria CantĂș Hexsel said in an order that providing the information would harm PFLAG and its members in several ways, including violating their rights of free speech, association and protection from unreasonable searches. Additionally, the judge said, it would be a “gross invasion” of privacy. A hearing was scheduled for March 25 to give the attorney general's office a chance to make the case for why Friday's order shouldn't continue.


Transgender Child In Coma From Alleged Bat Attack Police need your help

There is a transgender woman in the hospital we just don't know what happened" Detective Mark Jamieson told during our phone conversation.

He continued "The alleged attack happened may have taken place on this quite residential road as reported. We are looking into it and if we do find evidence it happened we will investigate if it was in fact a bias crime."

Our community, myself included, has been outraged after reading the original Seattle Times account of an attack on a transgender child with learning disabilities in Seattle. We are on the verge of adopting a lynch mob mentality the crime against this transgender child is that heinous.

However Detective Jamieson appeals for a calm rational approach instead.

Detective Jamieson continued "However the alleged crime was reported three days after the fact. The news reports that followed included information we were not give and the parents of the child have not been in communication with us since. There is a article just published in the Seattle Times which presents a more fair and balanced account Police unsure if attack on transgender woman a bias crime."

I mentioned to the Detective that the transgender umbrella includes those with autism and that being said, these children face incredible barriers to living authentically which only serves to fuel our community protective feelings.
Detective Jamieson is aware and empathetic but reiterated the best thing we can do is act responsibly, not jump to conclusions and care with your heart about this child regardless if she is trans or not.

Police report PDF

If you have any information concerning this please contact:

Detective Mark Jamieson
Public Affairs

Seattle Police Department
PO Box 34986, 610 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 684-5521 office
(206) 375-6471 cell


Tyra Banks Show Transgender Children with Cameos from Kim Pearson and Dr. Marci Bowers

Families of transgender children compassionately undertake the momentous task of educating Tyra Banks about transgender finger painting a Monet so that Tyra and more people might appreciate our children's wonderful rainbows.....

Just love your children unconditionally and know you are not alone.

This is something much deeper than just a physical thing.

At this point supposed "expert" makes a case for the disbarment of Kenneth Zucker.

Tyra Banks is obsessed throughout the show with the physical differences that the sexes have as if she believes that these differences alone predicate our genders. Then Tyra goes to show how just how shallow she is by embarrassing a post op transgender woman with a demonstration on how to pee with out sitting down. Tyra then tells her that "OK now that you are a real girl" you have to wipe the toilet seat clean. OMG!!

If thats what real woman do then why is the ladies room toilet seats covered with pee so often?

just asking

But the real tragedy is the wounding of transgender children everywhere as Banks again surprised her guests, but not with a unexpected act of goodwill. Banks blindsided the advocate who's good will brought the innocent children to the show, Kim Pearson of the TYFA, and world renowned SRS surgeon DR. Marci Bowers with a short unprovoked attack by a very obnoxious man who's religious views compelled him to shout over any objections that Marci or Kim presented.

I once asked Kim why she formed the TYFA and she responded, it's what a mother would do. The look in Kim's and Marcie's eyes as they leaped in defense of the children was like mother lions protecting their offspring, purely primordial and fearsome.

It was what a mother does.

To our transgender children. You are our blessing and we love you so very much.

Glaad Blog “The Tyra Show” Features Transgender Children and Their Families


Youngest Documented Transgender Children my "secret life"

I think all transgender people can relate to some of these experiences.

"A report on some of the youngest transgender kids, including a six-year-old girl who was born a boy, a 10-year-old boy who lives as a girl and a 16-year-old-boy who was born a girl. Barbara Walters talks to these transgender children, all diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GID), as well as to their parents, who are allowing their children to live in the gender they identify with in order to save them from a future of heartache and pain. They are sharing their personal stories to increase future understanding of transgender children."

As many of us now are begining to understand gender variance is not a disorder, but the natural state of being human.