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Tyra Banks Show Transgender Children with Cameos from Kim Pearson and Dr. Marci Bowers

Families of transgender children compassionately undertake the momentous task of educating Tyra Banks about transgender finger painting a Monet so that Tyra and more people might appreciate our children's wonderful rainbows.....

Just love your children unconditionally and know you are not alone.

This is something much deeper than just a physical thing.

At this point supposed "expert" makes a case for the disbarment of Kenneth Zucker.

Tyra Banks is obsessed throughout the show with the physical differences that the sexes have as if she believes that these differences alone predicate our genders. Then Tyra goes to show how just how shallow she is by embarrassing a post op transgender woman with a demonstration on how to pee with out sitting down. Tyra then tells her that "OK now that you are a real girl" you have to wipe the toilet seat clean. OMG!!

If thats what real woman do then why is the ladies room toilet seats covered with pee so often?

just asking

But the real tragedy is the wounding of transgender children everywhere as Banks again surprised her guests, but not with a unexpected act of goodwill. Banks blindsided the advocate who's good will brought the innocent children to the show, Kim Pearson of the TYFA, and world renowned SRS surgeon DR. Marci Bowers with a short unprovoked attack by a very obnoxious man who's religious views compelled him to shout over any objections that Marci or Kim presented.

I once asked Kim why she formed the TYFA and she responded, it's what a mother would do. The look in Kim's and Marcie's eyes as they leaped in defense of the children was like mother lions protecting their offspring, purely primordial and fearsome.

It was what a mother does.

To our transgender children. You are our blessing and we love you so very much.

Glaad Blog “The Tyra Show” Features Transgender Children and Their Families


Queers United Asks :WTF? Tyra Banks Show Seeking "Ex-Gays"

Transgender people be aware. We are not immune or isolated from dangerous groups such as "NARTH" which advocates the discredited use of "aversion therapy" to "cure" homosexuality. Being "cured" of a natural sexual affinity by making normal=intolerable translates to depression and suicides.

Queers United asks us to let Tyra Banks please do not air any shows that cause harm to GLBT people.