Obama : Torture is NOT Tolerated by America

Call to Action

Who: President Obama, the former Justice Department officials Jay Bybee, John Yoo and Steven Bradbury. Bybee is currently a judge on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Yoo is a professor at the University of California-Berkeley.

What : Charges of conspiracy to commit felonies, including torture be considered against among others Jay Bybee, John Yoo and Steven Bradbury and the goverment and contracted officials of the United Stared who participated in planning for and or committed criminal acts of torture.

When : NOW! Call on your legislative representatives to demand full transparency, accountability and justice.

Were : From your keyboard. Tell him now to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate Bush administration officials who authorized torture.

Why : He[Obama] said anew that CIA operatives who did the interrogating should not be charged with crimes because they thought they were following the law. Obama, so did HITLERS henchmen.

Obama would rather forget than pursue justiceUNLESS we force him to.

Americans are coming to realize that we were mislead by Obama's presidential promises and that we must act to keep all politicians honest.

Citizens, hold Obama accountable to his campaign commitment to end torture and prosecute those criminals who perpetrated and carried out act's that freedom loving democratic countries worldwide and formally the United States had decried as illegal torture.

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By Kelli Anne Busey, April 22, 2009 planetransgender


Anonymous said...

Such refreshing honesty from a liberal Democrat!

Right on, Kelli!

planet trans said...

Elian, thank you for commenting.
I am a honest, independently thinking veteran who is transgender. My integrity remains congruent on my willingness to be informed of information and then desiminating it and making rational extrapolations.
I am taken back you would find that surprising.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry.

I should have worded my thoughts w/ more precision. Your integrity, based on what I can tell from what I have read by and about you, is beyond reproach. In no way did I intend to cast any aspersions on your character! That was never my intention, and I hope you will accept my apology.

I was merely expressing my relief that a Democratic Obama supporter is openly criticizing him. That is rare, at least where I live and certainly among LGBTQ people in this region of the country. Most people, regardless of political affiliation, do not have your level of integrity and instead invent excuses for their respective party leaders when they break their promises. Or they merely ignore the inconsistencies.

That was certainly true for Bush II's followers. The man was clearly a liar, a fact he hardly bothered to conceal, but they'd fight you to the death defending anything he did.

Where I live, people on the left who have been Obama supporters from day 1 seem to have even more difficulty admitting they were misled or that they are supporting Obama when he does something that they organized a demonstration against when Bush did it a year ago. For example, when you tell them that Obama's budget for "defense spending" exceeded Bush's last budget by $20 million (and this is just re: funds allocated to the Pentagon), they either get angry or attack you personally for mentioning it. Or, if you point out that Obama, like Bush, has persisted in requesting funding for the Iraq occupation from congress directly and via addendums (which, based on my understanding somehow allows that money not to be counted as part of the funds allocated to the Iraq occupation- and which was a practice for which Obama lambasted Bush), they make excuses for him.

So, I was clearly thrilled when I came across an Obama supporter who essentially asserted, "He misled us and he hasn't turned out to be who we thought he was" in such a direct and bold manner.

The sentiment that motivated that comment was admiration, not surprise. I should probably not be trying to communicate online at 1:47am!

I admire your courage in speaking out against Obama for his inconsistencies (b/c it takes courage to say anything critical of Obama in my corner of the world) and your integrity,neither of which are even remotely surprising.



planet trans said...

love ya too! Hey, keep up the great work. I became intrigued with your viewpoint because it is so very contrary to the popular sentiments.
I did support Obama with money early in the race. If McCain had won I may very likely have been in Canada by now.
Thank you for helping to keep us from becoming lemmings:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. You are giving me more credit than I deserve. I didn't help prevent anyone from becoming lemmings. Well, at least not you because you weren't in danger of becoming one in the first place.

All I do is try to let people on the left know that it's hypocritical to remain silent when Obama pulls a Bush. If they participated in organized opposition against the war under Bush, then when O. requests $20 million dollars more than Bush did last year for the Iraq war, they should doing the same. My approach is to try to wake them up by dumping a bucket of ice cold water on their faces....sometimes it works, sometimes it just angers them....but at least they can't claim ignorance. Many people dislike my approach, but I think it has a legitimate role. Not that I haven't screwed up here and there.
I still have a lot to learn about blogging, but I'm trying...

Take care,