Defense: Colo. slaying because of deception

Found on 365Gay is AP article "Defense: Colo. slaying because of deception"

This article gives us a description of the transpanic tactic being deployed by Andrade's Defense team as they try to lessen the burden of guilt.

On 365Gay,

"Andrade’s attorney, Bradley Martin, said the case is about Zapata’s deception and his client’s reaction to that deception."

“This girl that he had just spent the last day with, was in fact a man, and Allen snapped,” Martin declared in opening statements."

"Prosecutor Brandi Nieto told jurors that Andrade and Zapata communicated nearly 700 times via text message, cell phone and computer between July 12 and July 16 as Zapata was apparently searching for a roommate. She said Andrade did not make a snap decision but rather decided to kill Zapata after the pair spent hours in Zapata’s tiny one-bedroom apartment."

"Andrade could have walked away once he learned Zapata was biologically male, Nieto said."

Please read on but be forewarned, accounts of lieing, deception and lowdown dirt crawling cowards spiting up hateful misconceptions are vividly described which has been know to precipitate crying and/or rage.

365Gay Defense: Colo. slaying because of deception

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