One Iowa's 'Virtual Rally for Common Concern!'

Virtual Rally for Common Concern!
Opponents of equality are at it again! Once again on Monday, extremists will protest the unanimous Iowa Supreme Court decision and push additional measures to undermine the Court’s historic decision! Monday’s protest follows a similar protest last Thursday that saw
opponents of equality disrupt the House Chambers with chants and political gamesmanship.
In response, One Iowa is calling on Iowans across the state to participate in a virtual rally asking our elected officials to continue work on issues of common concern to all Iowans. In the midst of a budget shortfall, job losses, and last year’s devastating floods, our elected officials should put aside divisive politics and continue to work for all Iowans!
Participate NOW in the Rally for Common Concern:
Even if you’ve already done so, our legislators need to hear from you again! Call legislators today after 8 AM, by contacting the Iowa House switchboard at 515-281-3221 and the Iowa Senate switchboard at 515-281-3371. You can find your legislators here. Also email your legislators and tell them to put aside divisive politics and work on issues of common concern!
Signatures will be delivered to House leadership later in the day.
Second, change your facebook, myspace, and twitter picture to One Iowa’s ‘blue dot’. Follow the link, save the photo and upload it as your profile picture for the day.Lastly, change your status to

“One Iowa Rally for Common Concern:

Avoid divisive politics and focus on what really matters! http://eqfed.org/ct/M12XkwM1MEzw/“ For twitter users please follow OneIowa and add the hashtag #OIRCC to your message.
DONATE TO THE FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOOD BANKSupporters are encouraged to donate canned food items to their local food pantry before or after work. In Des Moines, canned food items can be dropped off at Ritual Cafe on 1301 Locust St.
While many Iowans are struggling just to put food on the table, it’s time for our elected officials to drop divisive politics and focus on what really matters!

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