Notre Dame Hosts Obama Despite Catholic Hierarchy Protests

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Dallas Transgender Activists and Allies

April 02 2009

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies applauds Notre Dame University for exhibiting determination of free will by initiating dialogue about stem cell research and birth control.

Presently the official policy of Catholicism is not to honor or even to hold discourse with those who disagree with Church theology. The invitation to President Obama as the commencement speaker has been confirmed by Notre Dame despite loud choreographed disapproval. The Obama administration favors a mix of technology and faith when approaching birth control and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Entire populations in Africa are being forced to adhere to abstinence only programs by government and religion and are suffering on a scale previously unknown. The Dallas Advocates and Allies condemns this practice as genocide as gay men in some African countries are refused treatment or even preventive education. President Obama's policy is not acceptable by most of Notre Dame alumni yet favored by nearly all of the graduating class.

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Show Notre Dame that regardless of the difference of our beliefs we appreciate open dialogue by sending The Rev. John I. Jenkins, the university’s president a email.

Below is a sample email, feel free to copy and paste it on this link to Rev. Jenkins

Rev. John I. Jenkins, President Notre Dame University

Thank you for your resolve in extending your invitation to President Obama to be the May 17 commencement speaker. We understand that without conversation there only can be conflict and misunderstanding. You have distinguished Notre Dame as a fearless leader for Catholic progressive thinking.

Whether the President speaks directly to these controversial issues at the Commencement ceremony will not lessen our admiration.

We deeply appreciate your courage.

Thank you,
[Your Name]

Above is a sample email, feel free to copy and paste it on this link to Rev. Jenkins

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