Justicia racial para Zapata : Racial Justice For Zapata

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Violence is extreme against our gender and racially diverse community.

The disproportionate number of under reported, incorrectly or unreported crimes against transgender people of color is sickening. This sad fact is being brought to the forefront of national attention by Angie Zapata's violent death. This horrific event has unified the transgender community and allies in awareness and action.

I am a white Anglo Saxon transgender woman who until I transitioned was among the largest ethnic majority in America. I have a innate view of people that does not note ethenticity automatically. I was born with this blindness and can not attribute this blessing to an endeavour of my own. But as a result, until Monica Roberts and Ethan St. Pierre brought this to my attention I was blissfully oblivious to this incredible disparity. AS HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS WE MUST FOCUS our activism on the most vulnerable.

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