Abigail from Arizona 'Andrade's Goose is Cooked and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy'

Abigail authors a wonderful blog tittled "Living my Life". She is a transgender woman, activist and Lawyer who did a brilliant dissertation of the facts as presented currently in the Allen Andrade's murder Trial.

What I found most profound about our meeting is that we may have never met if it were not the for this horrendous act of hatred and our shared passion for justice and wonderment of the beauty of Angie Zapata's life.

Abigail's understandings and peace is a attribute of what accepting and then welcoming transition can be, if you are proficient with, or at least willing to work hard with a oar.

The wild rapids some of us experience are smooth summer ponds for others, but we are all floating in a river of commonality, transgender and cisgender alike.

Andrade's criminal defence depends on hacking apart our shared humanity, and he will fail. In this life his existence depends on a better defense but soon Andrade will kneel in supplication before our Lord, alone and naked in judgement of his soul, for eternity.

Angie's death has illuminated this in neon brilliance.

Abigail's blog "Living My Life"

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Abby said...

Thanks, Kelli! I enjoy your blog too, and it's always nice to meet another traveler on this road.