New York Assembly Passes Genda : Now onto a Democratic Senate

By Kelli Busey April 22, 2009 planetransgender

One year ago Genda, a bill that would have afforded transgender New Yorkers protection against discrimination in housing, the workplace and would have amended the law to include transgender people as a protected class, passed the NY Assembly only to die in the the previously republican controlled Senate.

Genda has once again passed the lower legislative house and now moves forward to a vote in the Senate where a slim majority of law makers indicated approval offering it a better chance than last year.

According to civil rights leaders in New York, the marriage equality bill which was recently publicly endorsed by Governor David Paterson, will have a better chance of passing if the less controversial Genda Bill becomes law.

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Gay City News Assembly Again Approves Gender Rights Measure

"GENDA would bar bias based on gender identity and expression in employment, housing, public accommodations, and access to credit. It would also amend the 2000 hate crimes statute to include gender identity and expression as protected categories."

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