Republican Congresswoman Foxx (NC) calls Matthew Shepard's brutal murder "a hoax."

Republican Congresswoman Foxx(R)NC said continuing to name a hate crimes bill "The Mathew Shepard Act" is a hoax becuse she said everyone knows he was robbed.

Mathew Shepard's mother was reported to be in the gallery.

Source You Tube Comentary:

"The House Republican chosen to lead the charge against including women, people with disabilities, and gays in America's already-existing hate crimes law - existing law already counts violent crime based on the race, religion or national origin of the victim as a "hate crime" - just referred on the US House floor to Matthew Shepard's murder as "a hoax." Her name is Virginia Foxx, and she's from, of course, North Carolina. At what point will Republicans stop letting their party be lead by bigots and extremists?"

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