VICTORY IN IOWA : court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the Constitutional ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said that this ruling was not going to be contested meaning the ruling could go into effect in three weeks providing no other parties contest the decision.

The Iowa ruling could potentially have enormous effect on the pending California Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage. This finding took into consideration that human rights are afforded all people equally under constitutional guarantee and may not be removed by a popular vote or because a majority of the populations religious views demands it.

Iowa will become the third State to offer Gay Marriage following Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Lambda Legal has scheduled a news conference for Friday morning.

AP News release Iowa court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional

by Kelli Busey
April 03, 2009

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shrink on the couch said...

unanimously even! hooray! I know that, in X number years to come, future generations will look back and think how strange we didn't allow same sex marriage. the way my kids now look at the civil rights movement.