NH Senate Democrats Destroyed Transgender Rights

The New Hampshire Senate voted unanimously against transgender rights while simintaiously Senate democrates issued statements condemning the statements made by the opponents of transgender rights bill.

"That sounds like bullshit to me." ~kelli Busey

The Democrates were the ones using the oppositions "POTTY POLITICS" as the REASON they did NOT support the bill.

Now these same democrats have been made to be accountable and they are squirming.



Source The Boston Herald

"The Senate voted unanimously today to kill the bill, but only after
Democrats condemned what they said were distortions by opponents."

"Republicans called it the "bathroom bill" based on the argument it
would open all bathrooms to both men and women, putting women and
children at risk in women’s rooms."

"Supporters said that amounted to painting a straightforward
anti-discrimination bill as something it wasn’t. They said it would
protect a vulnerable group who identify with the gender opposite of
their birth."

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