Garden State Residents Urgent Please Call These Legislators Today!

Starting at 9:30 am TODAY, Thursday, April 23, 2009, we ask each of you, no matter where in New Jersey you live, to call the 3 legislators listed below to tell their offices: "Today, Quinnipiac came out with a poll showing New Jersey favors marriage equality. The Senator needs to support the bill strongly. If New Jersey is for it and it's the correct thing to do, what's the problem?" It can be in your own words, but make sure you mention it's a Quinnipiac Poll (pronounced Quinn-uh-PEE-ack), a highly respected independent poll. You may hear, "you're not in the Senator's district" or "the bill won't come up until later this year, so why are you calling now?" Please stick with it. We recently had a legislator ask us, has there been an independent poll in your favor?
Senate President Dick Codey at (973) 731-6770
Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney at (856) 251-9801
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo at (201) 804-8118
If you’re told by the office you’re not a constituent: “I’m calling your office because the Senator holds a leadership position that impacts the entire state.”If you hear anything substantive in your conversations - something beyond thank you or we’ll record your views - let us know by emailing us at http://us.mc456.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=Contact@GardenStateEquality.org. Include which legislative office you spoke with, what the office said, as well as your own name and hometown.Your activism makes all the difference in the world to tell our side of the story.On behalf of the entire Garden State Equality Board and staff, please accept our deepest gratitude. And please forward this email to all the people you know so they call too - today, Thursday.

Visit Garden State Equality's two websites, http://www.gardenstateequality.org/ and http://www.civilunionsdontwork.com/ Tell-a-friend!

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