Tell Your Senator and Representative to Pass "HR1913 Hate Crime Prevention Act"

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Representative John Conyers (D-MI) along with 42 original co-sponsors re-introduced the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act - H.R. 1913. It is a transgender inclusive bill identical to the hate crimes legislation passed by the House of Representatives in 2007.

The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act would add sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability to existing federal hate crimes laws. It would also strengthen enforcement of these laws by allowing the US Department of Justice to assist local authorities in the investigation and prosecution of hate crimes cases.

When introducing the bill, Representative Conyers stated that the legislation "provides a constructive and measured response to a problem that continues to plague our nation. These are crimes that shock and shame our national conscience. They should be subject to comprehensive federal law enforcement assistance and prosecution."

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We urge you to write your Representatives and encourage them to support this critical piece of legislation. Those who oppose this legislation are taking advantage of this time to reach out to their representatives - it is important that we are equally active, sharing our stories with our Congress members. Please email your Representative, and take this important step to help address the violence our LGBT loved ones face

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