Andrade Murder Trial for the Death of Angie Zapata :" Jurors hear defendant’s jailhouse calls"

Jurors hear defendant’s jailhouse calls
Source CNN Side Bar by Beth Karas Posted: 10:40 PM ET

GREELEY, Colorado–Jurors heard from accused killer Allen Andrade today in recorded jailhouse calls with two former girlfriends, Angie Tyree and Felicia Mendoza. A cavalier-sounding Andrade said he “can’t cry over spilt milk” regarding the brutal killing of transgender teen, Angie Zapata, last July. That call and three others, recorded in the days after his July 30th arrest, gave some insight into Andrade’s reaction to his plight.

“It not like I went up to a schoolteacher and shot her in the head…or like I killed a law-abiding straight citizen,” he told Tyree. Andrade said he could do “10 or 15 [years]” but that he hoped not to be imprisoned forever. At one point, Tyree scolded him: “You should’ve stayed home.” His response: “I know I should’ve stayed. I should’ve done a lot of things differently…shoulda, coulda, woulda.” Though no longer dating, the two were living together for about three months at the time of Andrade’s arrest.

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Jurors hear defendant’s jailhouse calls

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