Soulforce and MCC in NYC calling on the Vatican!

Soulforce and MCCNY at Vatican Embassy from mcc nyc on Vimeo.


Please join us this spring in calling on the Vatican to support the safety and well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. We are working to gain support from the Roman Catholic Church for the United Nations Declaration on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Download the text of the declaration
Read some of the actions and statements of the Roman Catholic Church

You can join the growing group of local leaders organizing solidarity actions where they live. We will work with you to support efforts in your hometown. All are welcome at any experience level. If you are interested in being a local leader or a participant, click here for a list of participating cities, ideas for action and contact information.

With questions or feedback about the campaign, please contact:Haven Herrin at Haven@Soulforce.org or Kara Speltz at Kara@Soulforce.org



Unknown said...

Hi - I just found this and intend to find out more and to do something. I am a Roman Catholic. I am a gay member of the Roman Catholic Church. I am not doing the things I am accused of - but then in fairness I guess that people aren't accusing me of doing it. I guess they are just not considering how they use language. If we mean the Vatican, say the Vatican. If we mean the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church lets say that too. Let's not say Roman Catholic Church when that isn't an accurate reflection of the people we are talking about. The press do it all the time and its not in any way helpful.

planet trans said...

Gerald, you are absolutely correct and I will do my best to attribute statements correctly. If you are from Dallas and want to be a part of this please contact me.