ACLU of TEXAS : stop voter suppression


You can act this week to stop voter suppression - a move by the Texas Legislature to turn away voters from the polls with a bill they call Voter ID.To hear our legislators talk, truckloads of people are showing up at the voting booths impersonating real voters.

Oh how I wish it were true that the urge to vote had really swept over our state with such enthusiasm.The House will take up this ridiculous legislation Tuesday. House backers are trying to portray their bill as kinder and gentler than the one the Senate passed in March but however you look at it, Voter ID is a stunt to intimidate would-be, legitimate voters. Voter ID would require photo identification when casting a ballot. Under current law, your voter registration card is enough.The Texas House Elections Committee will meet Tuesday - the second of two days of hearings - to hear public testimony on this divisive Voter ID bill.

I am asking you to be at that hearing to express your opposition with your presence. If you have a story to tell about voter ID, please email me.Supporters of Voter ID say the bill would prevent voter fraud. But as I have often said, show me proof that voter fraud is a problem in Texas. The Texas Attorney General's own lengthy, and costly investigation in recent years has yielded only about a dozen possible instances of voter fraud - all associated with absentee ballots - and no convictions.For these reasons, I ask you to stand with us on Tuesday and oppose the bill that seeks to silence the loudest voice we have, our vote.

Stand with uson Voter ID
What: House Elections Committee public hearing

When: Tuesday, April 7 at 1 p.m.

Where: John H. Reagan Building, Room 120105 W. 15th Street in Austin

Terri Burke

Executive Director

ACLU of Texas

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