Obama "Needs Me" to Give Him more $. I need him to Make That Possible

North Texas activists and friends Daniel Cates, C.d. Kirven and Rafael McDonnal protesting at the Exxon shareholders meeting today.~ Dallas Voice

C.d. emailed me via GetEqual explaining why they were protesting with a preface to a petition "This morning, I was out on the streets in Dallas, protesting ExxonMobil's continued efforts to legally discriminate against LGBT employees."

"Every year since 2010, we've held demonstrations at ExxonMobil's annual shareholder meetings -- calling on the company to pass shareholder resolutions to add LGBT workplace protections to their policies. Each year, those resolutions have been voted down by wide majorities".

In fact, back in 2010, ExxonMobil wrote GetEQUAL a letter, specifically noting:

"Where we operate in countries in which the national laws require specific language regarding nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity be included in policies, we have amended our policies as appropriate."

It's clear that ExxonMobil will not ban LGBT workplace discrimination until the United States government tells them to. And, given that the federal government -- via taxpayer dollars from you and me -- has spent almost $8 billion dollars on federal contracts with ExxonMobil since 2000, the government could easily fix this problem.

No sooner than I signed my friend C.d. Kirven's petition calling for President Obama to sign a Executive Order barring LGBT workplace discrimination by federal contractors than I opened a email from the DCCC telling me I had set myself up for a "Express Donation" to Obama. The email had links for donation levels starting at $10.00 progressing to $100.00 and ending with Obama begging for 3 bucks. You're going to shame me for three dollars Obama? Try living on nothing for years. I did after I transitioned into the "Kelli TransAdvocate Busey" your email was addressed to.

I never have set up a political 'express donation account' with anyone much less gave my credit card number out knowing it would be passed around between multiple organizations for fund raising.

Yes, I have seen those adverts that appear on the side bars of news articles with sublimely anti Obama messaging appearing for all the world like legitimate news and understand that by all appearances they are factual to the uninitiated but...

If you pull this shit on me again Obama, yes your name appears on that email, you will never, ever get another penny from me or my vote for that matter. I am serious. You need to be the fierce advocate you said you are. And sign the fucking Executive Order, would you please. Stop jacking us around.

Thank you very much.
Kelli TransActivist Busey

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