Let Damian Walk X2: Two Events Planned In Support Of Transgender Senior Damian Garcia

There will be two rallies in support of Damian Garcia the male transgender student from Albuquerque NM.

Damian may not attend his own graduation on May 22nd because the school's refusal to allow him to wear a black robe, the color traditionally worn by male students. The school so far has rejected Damian's offer that he wear no robe and have stuck with their demand that he wear a white robe, the color worn by female graduates.

The first rally is on Sunday May 19th where you can meet two of youngest LGBT allies I have have ever had the pleasure of writing about, William and Phynn Moorman their parents and of course, Damian Garcia.

MEDIA ADVISORY [via moveon.org]

Torrey Moorman:  letdamianwalk@gmail.com

*** Event held at Sombra Del Monte Elementary School on May 19 at 3 pm***

Albuquerque Residents Stand Up in Support of Transgender St. Pius X High School Student Student Damian Garcia

Over 7000 people sign petition of support for Damian to be able to wear male graduation robes

Local residents will gather to deliver a petition to Damian Garcia requesting Principal Barbara Rothweil, PhD and the Diocese to allow Damian to wear black cap and gown for graduation.

Forcing Damian to wear the girl’s white cap and gown is demoralizing, and many question the legality of such a demand. Allowing Damian to graduate in black cap and gown will show support for Damian as a student of a respectable and nurturing school environment.

Participants in the event will include William and Phynn Moorman, who created the petition, and Damian Garcia.

WHAT: Official delivery of petition to Damian Garcia, and Principal Barbara Rothweil, PhD if she will please join us.

WHO: Local Albuquerque residents and St. Pius X students and alumni

WHERE: Sombra del Monte Elementary School, corner of Candelaria and Moon, Albuquerque, NM. Google map

WHEN: 3pm on May 19, 2013

Please bring signs and posters with "Let Damian Walk"

To read the petition Click Here.

Facebook link: Click Here

Link to Archdiocese: Click Here

Update 5/20/13 Video from this event:


The second event is scheduled for Monday May 20th

From the Facebook event "Let Damian Walk In Black"

When: May 20th 7:00am until 1:00pm. The Organizers say 5 minutes or the whole day, all support is welcome.

Where: St. Pius X High School Albuquerque, NM Google Map

From the event facebook event

Members and supporters of the LGBT community,

We come to you not only as friends but as FAMILY to help a brother in need. Damian Garcia our transgender brother attends St. Pius X High School here in Albuquerque. While attending St. Pius. teachers, staff and friends including his own family members refer to Damian as a male student. As we all know, graduation is just around the corner, which is to most a time of celebrating ones academic and extracurricular achievements. However, for Damian this moment of academic excellence hangs in the balance between embarrassment and joyous celebration. According to St. Pius' standards, Damian must wear a white robe, which is traditionally worn by female graduates. Now my question to you is this: What's more important? The gender wriiten on a birth certificate or who that person is during HIS everyday life? We say let the kid WALK IN BLACK... It's HIS day to sparkle.

P.s: Please no parking in St.Pius parking lot we can not guarantee that you will be allowed to stay parked there.

Damian commented on the facebook event page:

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