The last critical hours for Kickstarter "ASSIGNED SEX" and it's down to the wire.

ASSIGNED SEX: A DOCUMENTARY FILM by Shaun Dawson a Kickstarter documentary film, has JUST hours to go on kick Starter. As of this morning the movie needs just a few bucks to reach the $5000 goal and only a few hours left.

I am supporting this project because it will help to illuminate our wonderful transgender intercity youth's lives. You know them. The ones we read about almost daily. The ones being slaughtered by bigots, spawned by ignorance fueled hatred? It's a all or nothing with kick starter and it's all or nothing for these youth. Let them live. Please support!

Why Shaun needs our help:

Up until this point, we've funded this project completely out of our own pockets. We believe in this story that much. But, we've officially broken the bank. We need your help to raise the money necessary to keep the cameras rolling.

Here's exactly what your generous contributions will pay for:

•Sound design, sound editing, and mixing the sound
•Creating the musical score
•Procuring archival footage
•Polishing of the picture elements: color correction, titles
•Transfer to digital projection format
•Marketing and advertising for screenings in select cities
•Press and promotional materials

If you haven't been involved with something like this please give it a try. Those who have will tell you it's such a rush doing this. With your donation you become a integral part of a success when the film shows in your city. You can stand with pride. You will be able to pick us out at a screening. Many of us will be wearing an "assigned tee shirt". I will be. It is immensely rewarding supporting our community this way.

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